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Regina Gift Shop is my favorite, not-so-secret little corner of Shoppesville, Greenhills. It's highly unlikely for one to leave the store empty-handed -- whether you're looking for something you want, something you need, or something falling under the 'I don't need or want this, but I'm buying it just because it's so cute and fun' category.

The store always takes me back to my childhood, when I first stepped into "Regina's" (as most shoppers fondly call the store). Back then, I was obsessed with stickers, and sticker albums were the in thing. Visiting Regina's would be my weekender activity: I'd make a beeline to the cashier area, where the counter is filled with stickers of every size, color, and texture - glow in the dark, felt, shimmery, fluorescent, scented. I'd buy sheets and sheets of Lisa Frank and Sandylion (thanks, Mom!), too eager to rip open the plastic and start arranging the stickers in my album.

Until now, they still have quite a selection of stickers, still found at the same area, only now the store has expanded. And now that I've grown up, it's not only my toy and candy store longer - it's now the perfect place to find unique, fun, and very affordable gift items. Come Christmas season, Regina's even fattens up their inventory, spilling over the outside area and walls nearby. I suggest to visit the store and do your gift shopping there the soonest, as it can get a little crazy (in the store and in Greenhills in general) once December arrives.

Notebooks, guitar-shaped bags, shopping bags under P100

We recently went crazy buying branded hardbound notebooks (P99) that make great giveaways. Small notepads with colorful striped, dotted, swirly, and patterned covers were being sold for less than P50 each. For little wannabe-rocker kids or for the girls who idolize Hannah Montana, there are these soft, patent guitar-shaped zipper bags (P69) that come in assorted colors.

Assorted candies and sweets for sale

By the entrance of the shop, a counter looks like a sari-sari store, overflowing with snacks, candy, bubble gum, and chocolate. I couldn't resist buy pieces of Tarzan (P1.50 each), a painfully sweet and addicting bubble gum that was my childhood tindahan treat.

Gift ideas for kids

Toys and accessories are all over Regina Gift Shop, from glass counters, shelves, boxes, walls, and ceiling. For your young inaanaks, there are a lot of character merchandise to choose from - pillow cases (P69 each), ballpens (P20 each), mugs (P39 each), and even kid's underwear (P100 for 5 pieces). Stuff their Christmas stockings with Dora the Explorer, Ben 10, Spongebob Squarepants, Transformers, or the Disney Princesses.

Character Mugs under P50

More Christmas finds for little kids

For the little ones, there branded onesies (P69 each) that would really look extra cute and adorable on babies, with fun prints like dalmatian spots, colorful flowers, purple hearts, and peace signs. Buy three or five of them, place them in a box, and add a baby bottle or a bib to make a nice customized gift set.

Fun bag tags for P35 each

Another giveaway item I found on their shleves were these bright statement bag tags (P35 each) , which are cool gifts for students. Why not add a bag to the gift? The store sells assorted bags, like printed fabric messenger bags (P199 each), also a Tinker Bell bag set (backpack and lunch bag) for the same price.

Assorted baseball caps for P199 each

When you enter Regina's, you'll easily see their huge selection of baseball caps (P199 each). They're everywhere, from wall to ceiling, and they have so many different designs. You're bound to find one to fit yourself perfectly: sports caps, movie caps, cartoons and television shows, surf and fashion brands -- all come in different designs and colors.

Slumber Party Masks

A slumber party mask (P59) makes for a fun party favor for your barkada of girls. Maybe you can even plan a slumber party of your own, have your kris kringle (gift exchange) at midnight, and then give out these funky sleeping masks to your guests.

Feathered and Sequined Headbands under P150

Regina's is selling some feathered and sequined headbands (P120 - P150 each), that I really liked, so I bought a couple for myself. These are so much fun to use during parties or evenings, since they jazz up your look in an instant.

Bag holders for the ladies come in different styles and affordable prices

Give your favorite women some bag holders (P59, P159, and P179) that are not only affordable, but stylish, too. Simpler designs like red hearts and squares are priced a little over P50. I like the bejeweled, circular ones that are more compact and shiny, making it easier to carry around and spot from inside your bag. You can get these gem-like holders for less than P200 each, with a black box included if you wish to give them as presents.

I had to think twice when a blinking fancy light glass (P69) caught my attention -- I really wanted to buy it for myself just because, hey, it's a blinking glass! It would be fun to use that to drink on a special day, like my birthday, along with a loopy colored plastic straw (that's also found in the store). I decided to skip on the purchase since I was on a budget that day, so if any of my friends read this... Gee, I sure would love to have that cute blinking glass!

Blinking glasses make fun party favors

Growing up in Greenhills, I've come to learn that every visit at Regina's won't end without a purchase. It's the kind of store that has so many hidden (cheap!) gems in different nooks and crannies, that shopping becomes an exciting scavenger hunt.

I'm pretty lucky I live within walking distance of the shopping complex, so I need not worry about parking and traffic. The slow moving traffic and thicker volume of vehicles have already begun in the area last weekend, thanks to the holiday season. I highly recommend for people to switch on their early bird mode, so that you can grab those gift items before stocks run out!

Regina Gift Shop is located at the second floor of Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center. The store is beside Kamiseta, and just a level above Mercury Drug.

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