Penshoppe Updates Couple Shirts with Cute Prints You'd Want to Wear


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Chances are, you and your partner have added “buy couple shirts” on your not-to-do list. Now would be the best season to tick this off the list.

Penshoppe gives an update to the usual couple shirts with newer (and cuter) graphic tees from the new His & Hers Collection! Pick your faves from these subtly cheesy shirts for your twinning plans with the S.O. this Valentine’s.

A subtle way of telling your boo you’d reply in 0.5 seconds:

You’re My Favorite Notification, His & Hers Graphic Tee, P299 each

A pizza reference because it’s the only love triangle we’d ever want to have:

Pizza, His and Hers Graphic Tee, P299 each

A shirt with 100% sweetness level sans the calories:

Milktea, His and Hers Graphic Tee, P299 each

To the one’s we’ll ever need:

Everything, His and Hers Graphic Tee, P299 each

To let your friends (or strangers) know that you’re made of:

100%, His and Hers Graphic Tee, P299 each

...nothing more, nothing less.

Bonus: Statement slides for the king/queen of our hearts:

His and Hers One Band Sliders - King, P399; Queen, P349

No-nonsense and totally relatable “hugot” shirts for all the singles out there:

The Penshoppe His and Hers Collection is now available in all Penshoppe boutiques and online at Follow @PENSHOPPE on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest drops and updates.

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