8 Tattoo Parlors around Metro Manila that Deserve Your Praise

Having a tattoo inked on your body poses as a personal statement piece for a strong belief, value, or a simple quirk about you. It’s something etched on your body permanently, which is why a tattoo takes up a significant meaning in one’s life. If you feel like you’ve reached the point in your life wherein you’re ready for an inked piece of commitment for yourself, getting a tattoo could just be the next thing to check off your bucket list. Visit these reputable tattoo parlors if you’re ready for some permanent ink. All are certified clean and regulated.

1. Whiplash Tattoo
Address: Aguirre Ave, Parañaque, 1700 Metro Manila

Image: Whiplash Facebook

For those who live in the South, Whiplash Tattoo is your friendly neighborhood tattoo parlor, but of course, with a little edge to it. With clean, minimalistic interiors, it provides a welcoming atmosphere even for first-timers. Notably, the tattoo artists here give majestic watercolor tattoos, other than the usual black and gray ones. Prices start at P1,800 with a minimum size of 3x4 inches.

2. Arte Tattoo
Address: 203 General Luna, Building Don Pedro, Poblacion

Image: Arte Tattoo Facebook

Arte Tattoo provides a more elegant and tranquil aura upon entering the parlor. The artists are known for their minimalistic tattoo designs, ranging from simple watercolor to intricate flower outlines. We recommend this parlor if you’re planning to ink a delicate design on your body, or for first-timers who are still a bit intimidated by the tattoo scene. Prices vary depending on the size and color of the tattoo.

3. 55 Tinta
Address: Building 2, 2nd Floor, Luisa, 107 Maginhawa, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Image: 55 Tinta Facebook

Found among the young and fun restaurants and bars around Maginhawa, 55 Tinta was founded by musicians Jay Contreras, Led Zeppelin Tuyay and Puto Astete of Kamikazee, and Moonstarr88’s bassist Paolo Bernaldo. With a lively and conversational atmosphere, anyone can feel completely welcomed and part of the scene. They offer a wide range of art styles, each showcasing the tattoo artists’ own skill and talent. Added to this, it’s one of the most affordable parlors you can find with the minimum price being P1,000. 

4. Vice Coffee and Ink
Address: 7842 Makati Ave, Makati, 1200 Metro Manila

Image: Vice Coffee and Ink Facebook

One of the more popular tattoo parlors in the Metro is Vice Coffee and Ink. It’s no secret that some celebrities (Sollen Heusaff and Ellen Adarna, to name a few!) have their tattoos inked here by the famous Marlon Capuno. While waiting for your turn, you can enjoy a coffee and have a chat with the artists or other customers there. They are no stranger to small and minimal tattoos, they specialize in massive and intricate tattoos that take up a great deal of skill and time. Prices start at P1,500 for a minimum size of 2x3 inches.

5. Chronic Ink Tattoo x Culture
Address: Batampasig Bldg, 19 F. Concepcion, Pasig, Metro Manila

Image: Chronic Ink Tattoo x Culture Facebook

For a playful and visual experience, Chronic Ink Tattoo x Culture gives its customers a treat as soon as they enter the parlor. The walls are painted neon green and ordained with paintings, sculptures, and toys are all over the place. You can even play with an old-school family computer while waiting for your turn! Once you’re inside, the place is kept dim and cozy, perfect to relax your nerves. They do all kinds of tattoo art styles, from minimal to intricate, black and gray to colored. Prices start at P1,500 for a minimum size of 3x4 inches.

6. D’third Ink Tattoo Studio
Address: P & L II Building, Osmeña Highway Corner, Arellano Ave, Makati, 1235 Metro Manila

Image: D'Third Ink Tattoo Studio Website

With a well-lit and wide space that accommodates many customers, D’third Ink Tattoo Studio has become a parlor to keep coming back to, especially for those who are up for the challenge of massive tattoos. Most of their most prized artworks are their portrait tattoos, wherein faces are sketched and colored into the match a realism painting. The crew and artists are accommodating, and will always find a way to fit you into your schedule. Prices vary depending on the size and color of the tattoo.

7. P&P Tattoo
Address: Soho Condo, 45 Polaris, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila

Image: P&P Tattoo Facebook

Another of the more popular parlors with positive testimonials from celebrity clientele (such as Richard Gomez and Andi Eigenmann) is P&P Tattoo. The place is both artsy and edgy, with medieval-like sculptures and ornaments decorating the place. They offer the usual black and gray, and colored tattoos, and also tribal tattoos, if you’re up to cover your skin with some ethnic patterns. Prices start at P2,000.

8. Katribu Tatu
Address: Top Floor Near, C-5, San Guillermo Ave, Pasig

Image: Jonathan Cena Facebook

For those who are interested in a tribal tattoo, the ones among the likes of Whang-od’s creations, Katribu Tatu replicates the process and style of these tattoos. The owners, Jonathan Cena and Jean Sioson studied the art of Philippine tribal tattoos.  Visiting their parlor is a complete experience, as they ask you questions that would help you determine what tattoo is best for you. You may choose to have your tattoo taken the hand-tapped or “batok” way, or with the normal tattoo gun. . Prices vary depending on the size of tattoo.

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