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We know where all your savings and pamasko are going to this year, ARMY! 

PLAY LINE FRIENDS has finally opened its first shop here in the Philippines! Now, you wouldn't have to fly all the way to Seoul or pay for expensive shipping fees to get your fill of all things LINE Friends and BT21-related! 

Located at the ground floor of Robinson's Place Manila's Midtown Wing, the store opened today, October 25, revealing a wide selection of goodies featuring your favorite characters! 


LINE FRIENDS are featured characters in the messaging app LINE, used in various products from plushies to mobile games. The original characters - Brown, Cony, Moon, and James - were created in 2011, and the collection expanded throughout the years. 

The company also collaborated with the South Korean group BTS to create their own LINE characters, which they eventually called BT21. The characters - Koya, Mang, RJ, Chimmy, Tata, Cooky, Shooky, and Van - were designed by the members themselves, with videos of them sketching these characters up on YouTube. 

If you're curious to know which items are available from PLAY LINE Friends, we got you covered! From plushies to Bluetooth speakers, here are some of the things we know you would definitely want to cop from the store: 

PLAY LINE FRIENDS is at the upper ground floor of Robinsons Place Manila. For updates on when they're opening next, you may follow them on Instagram, Facebook, or on their official website.

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Play Line Friends

Specialty Store
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