Longchamp Announces Kendall Jenner as the Face of the Company's Fall/Winter 2018 Campaign

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Longchamp is thrilled to reveal its newest campaign star: Kendall Jenner. Jenner was approached for this partnership because she and Longchamp share the values of championing effortless worldliness, and of celebrating a global, versatile sense of style. Throughout Jenner’s experience in (and ascent to the top of) the modeling industry, she has exhibited an unwaveringly confident poise—a character trait that Longchamp both admires and infuses into its fashion and accessories collections.

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“I think there’s this synergy between the term ‘world citizen’ and Longchamp. To me, a world citizen is someone who wants to share more of an understanding of different cultures,” says Jenner. With Longchamp, while the collection always has a touch of the Parisian, it is something that can be worn around the world, by women who support this idea.”


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This season’s partnership with Jenner marks Longchamp’s 70thAnniversary and follows the brand’s longstanding tradition of working with the industry’s most creative and talented names. In this fast-paced digital age, Longchamp is evolving – expanding its global footprint and speaking to a new generation of customers who value an independent spirit and celebrate authenticity. It was with this vision in mind that Longchamp’s CEO Jean Cassegrain and his sister, Artistic Director, Sophie Delafontaine, found Jenner to be the obvious choice for their latest campaign.

Longchamp has always been a pioneer in creating collections that suit the lifestyle of the urban traveler. That lifestyle is something that Jenner has mastered, especially in her line of work. You never know when a last-minute phone call might have her hopping on a plane a few short hours later, only to then land halfway across the globe.

Kendall is free, independent, she travels, she goes fast, always with style – which is how we see the Longchamp woman,” says Longchamp Artistic Director Sophie Delafontaine. “Her talent is not only in the way she acts but in the way she interacts—she is an authentic personality in the millennial generation.”

Adding to that, Longchamp CEO Jean Cassegrain says: “Kendall Jenner represents the aspirations of the new Longchamp woman. A feeling of freedom, freshness and authenticity in a world that is continuously moving faster and faster.Longchamp is the brand of women who are, like Kendall, active, multi-faceted, multi-talented, and with a creative and independent spirit.

Jean Cassegrain founded Longchamp in Paris in 1948 and the company is still owned and operated by the family. Longchamp handbags, luggage and accessories are known all over the world for the quality of the craftsmanship produced by its studios. The company has expanded into the fashion sector and offers footwear and ready-to-wear collections. Longchamp is an international brand whose creativity and vitality has remained strong for many decades. It embodies Paris chic and the uninhibited, slightly rebellious nature of the French art of living. All over the world, Longchamp is a part of life for people who are on the move, free-spirited, urban voyagers who appreciate the pleasures of distinctive and authentic luxury. Spirited new ad campaigns and exciting projects with a long list of artists are accentuating the liberated and creative mindset of Longchamp that shines through on every continent with over 300 exclusive boutiques.


Longchamp is exclusively available at Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-La, Rustan’s Cebu and Greenbelt 5.

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