Wish You Were Mine: 8 Office Must-Haves for a Brighter Day Ahead

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We all have to face it, the office is our second home and it's best if we make it a fun, inspiring cozy place to be at. Being in an 8 to 5 job could be a little draining especially when you're just in front of your computer, trying to finish deadlines.

Whether you do love your job or not, there are just days that seem so long...  And a pop of color or a splash of humor can make any dull office lively. From a unique cup holder to a cute cat dispenser, upgrade your desk with these eight office must-haves to add a bit of fun to your ordinary work day. 

1. Cup Holder 

Why buy it: Have a cup of joe while working on that deadline without worrying about any mess on your workspace.

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2. Portable Storage Box

Why buy it: They're lovely macaron shape storage boxes where you can keep any small items lying on your desk. Plus points since it comes in six different bright colors – purple, orange, mint green, pink and turquoise – so you can stare at them when work becomes too much to handle!

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3. Post-It Cat Dispenser

Why buy it: Add a cute cat post-it notes dispenser on your desk and make your colleagues say "awww" whenever they pass by your workspace. It's definitely a fun way to keep notes at your fingertips! And who can't say no to cats, really?

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4. Dust Remover

Why buy it: Leave your desk looking clean with this multi-purpose cleaning slimy gel that absorbs dirt and dust. Simply press it and you'll see all the dirt hiding in the hollows of your keyboard when you pull it. It comes in green, yellow, red and blue.

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5. Quirky Book End

Why buy it: This one's perfect for books and music lovers! Organize your books with this eye-catching classic retro vinyl bookends.

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6. Coffee Warmer

Why buy it: Who hates it when you're drinking something hot and you leave it for just a few minutes and you don't like its temperature anymore? Keep your favorite mug of coffee, tea or cocoa just how you want it: hot. Take this coffee warmer which has a convenient switch button anywhere you want since it's light and compact.

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7. Anti-stress Cube

Why buy it: Suitable for adults and children, this one's perfect to overcome stress and anxiety. This cube is a brain toy which helps to focus, increase attention, helps to calm down and activates listening. 

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8. Rotating Sockets

Why buy it: One too many gadgets that need charging? This has six rotatable outlets which can be rotated 180-degree to different directions so you won't feel crowded at all when you use all the plugs. It also has a smart USB charge so you can charge your iPhone and iPad at the same time and delivers fast charging speed. 

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