Wish You Were Mine: A 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the 10 Kinds of People You Know

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In case you've been busier than ever, Christmas is just a few weeks away! 

Yup, the holidays are just right around the corner slowly creeping up... and before you freak out on what to give your favorite people, breathe and keep calm because you got this! Be the wiser person and order everything online to avoid the shopping malls filled with crazy holiday shoppers. Here's a gift guide we've prepared for the ten kinds of people you know:

For the always on the go

An alarm clock on wheels

Why buy it: So many things to do, so little time? If you are looking for a fun alarm clock that forces a person to get out of bed, this may be a good choice at a reasonable price. This alarm clock has two wheels and is perfect for those who struggle to get out of bed in the morning. It starts to roll around once its alarm goes off and the user has to catch it for it to stop. 

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For the fitness buff

A smart scale

Why buy it: It may look like an ordinary scale but it can only not measure body weight, it also measures your body fat, body water and muscle and bone mass percentage which will help monitor your health status. You can also set it up so everyone in the family can use it and it easily recognizes who's on top of the scale. It features a tempered glass platform and stainless steel design for a contemporary look. Careful on who you'll give a scale, though! 

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For the photography lover

A flexible tripod

Why buy it: Sure, your friend who breathes and lives photography are already equipped with tripods but everyone doesn't have the time and room to set it up all the time. If you're looking to shoot a photo without the hassle, this GorillaPod is easy to use and will bend at any angle you want it to so you can keep on moving and get the perfect shot every time.

Buy here.

For the wanderer

A travel pillow like no other

Why buy it: Avoid stiff neck, sore shoulder and uncomfortable transit time because every trip should be pleasant. The pillow is combined with super soft, hypo-allergenic polyester fleece for optimum warmth and maximum comfort. Planes, trains and car rides will never be this comfortable! 

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For the bibliophile

An e-reader

Why buy it: Is your book collection already getting out of hand? Here's a sure way to collect every book you want without filling your room with stacks of it. This e-reader has a 6" ClarityScreen and a high-res, edge-to-edge low-glare screen which provides a print on paper reading experience, even in direct sunlight. Imagine all the pages you can read anywhere you are, even when you're on the move!

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For the outdoor enthusiast

A 2-in-1 mini flashlight

Why buy it: For those who loves the outdoors, every trip could never be this convenient and safe with this easy to carry camping lantern which folds into a mini flashlight. What's great is it provides over 10 hours of LED light; all you have to do is keep one in your backpack and you will never worry you'd get lost in the dark.

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For the mom of the barkada

A quirky tea strainer

Why buy it: Make tea time more enjoyable with this unique tea infuser. This tiny babushka tea infuser will hold your favorite tea leaves and brew the perfect cup of tea every time! It also comes in colors green and blue.

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For the music lover

A levitating wireless speaker

Why buy it: This brings wireless speakers to a whole new level. It is a small levitating orb which easily pairs with all Bluetooth devices and plays music through Spotify, iTunes and more. Equipped with a 3D Surround Sound, it also has an LED Visual Effect so it looks even more awesome in the dark!

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For the tech savvy

A mini tracker

Why buy it: Here's a handy way to help you keep track of your valuables! The Tile Mate is so tiny, you can attach it to your keychain or any of your stuff. When it's attached, the tracker sends location through the app on your phone. Can't find your phone? Just double press the button on your Tile and it'll make your phone ring! Now you won't have a hard time wondering where you last put any of your personal belongings.

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For the foodie

A healthy pasta maker

Why buy it: Perfect for you or your friends who are avoiding carbs but still want to get their pasta fix, this food equipment turns veggies into pasta-like strands. With its four ultra-sharp German 420-grade hardened stainless steel blades, it is possible to spiralize even hard root vegetables like sweet potatoes and turnips! 

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