• K Kristian Morales Reviewed a movie   Sat, 20 Jun 2015 9:36 PM

    Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)

    PG Horror
    Dermot Mulroney, Lin Shaye, Stefanie Scott
    Leigh Whannell

    This movie turns out to be more of a superhero film with Shaye as the Hero. Im becoming her fan which is odd for horror flicks. Resorting to gulat style medyo nakakainis kasi the real scare is the idea like Omen Exorcist etc. but...entertaining pa rin naman just the same -)

  • K Kristian Morales Reviewed a movie   Sat, 20 Jun 2015 9:30 PM

    Just The Way You Are (2015)

    G Romance
    Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano
    Theodore Boborol

    Was waiting for the theme song ala Bruno Mars but i keep hearing the close up commercial jingle. The ads are SO IN YOUR FACE you would think you're watching a Vice Ganda movie. Nakakaiyak naman ang family issues and predictable naman ang bet storyline. What's new? The characters lang. Cute naman din sila lalo na the twin girl and the barkada boys so sige na nga pwede na.

  • K Kristian Morales Reviewed a movie   Sat, 20 Jun 2015 9:23 PM

    San Andreas (2015)

    PG Action, Drama, Thriller
    Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario
    Brad Peyton

    Watching this one turns out to be a scary experience with me trying to imagine how Manila will crush down with our own Fault. Effects are outrageously devastating and its hard to believe one will survive.

  • K Kristian Morales Reviewed a movie   Sat, 20 Jun 2015 9:16 PM

    Jurassic World (2015)

    PG Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
    Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jake Johnson
    Colin Trevorrow

    Generally entertaining but i seem to miss the Spielberg touch, the focus on kids, to focus on novelty and innocence and the magic that Spielberg has an eye for. After awhile this becomes a sci-fi animation movie with less heart. Nawala ang Puso ng konti but... Jurassic is Jurassic - visionary and bold.

  • K Kristian Morales Reviewed a movie   Tue, 7 Apr 2015 1:37 AM

    Fast & Furious 7 (2015)

    PG Action, Crime, Thriller
    Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker
    James Wan

    All the right mix of this genre all rolled into one heart-pounding action made even more heartening with the notion of Paul being gone by now. Perfectly handled. Wow

  • K Kristian Morales Reviewed a movie   Sat, 28 Feb 2015 11:43 PM

    Focus (2015)

    R-13 Comedy, Crime, Romance
    Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Rodrigo Santoro
    Glenn Ficarra, John Requa

    I like this simple funny movie that turns out to be actually complex, calculating, amusing and Margot is soooo nice to watch :-)

  • K Kristian Morales Reviewed a movie   Mon, 23 Feb 2015 12:29 AM

    That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)

    PG Drama, Romance
    JM de Guzman, Angelica Panganiban
    Antoinette Jadaone

    If you're going through a break-up this movie gives you a quiet time to think, ponder, zone out and come back ulit sa movie, and still feel afloat. The best quote is "there are all kinds of love but never the same twice". Didnt quite provide answers to how to move on really at dun medyo naging mababaw si movie and the comeback at the end all the more thrashes all the effort but sige na lang...it gave a refreshing take at simple movie-making.

  • K Kristian Morales Reviewed a movie   Sun, 22 Feb 2015 5:51 AM

    Dragon Blade (2015)

    R-13 Action, Adventure
    Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Adrien Brody
    Daniel Lee

    Was expecting the usual Jackie Chan action frills but this one turned out to be much much more than what I bargained for. With a huge cast and excellent action sequences, the movie became compelling even if it stretched to 2 and a half hours, i'd still say it was worth it!

  • K Kristian Morales Reviewed a movie   Sat, 21 Feb 2015 5:12 AM

    Unbroken (2015)

    PG Biography, Drama, Sports
    Jack O'Connell, Domhnall Gleeson, Garrett Hedlund
    Angelina Jolie

    Exceptionally compelling cinematic experience with spectacular shots and almost unbelievable inspiring story that will leave you with a feeling of appreciation for freedom and life itself. Incredibly directed by Angelina Jolie and refreshingly different than most survival stories. Wow

  • K Kristian Morales Reviewed a movie   Thu, 19 Feb 2015 5:43 AM

    Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

    R-16 Action, Adventure, Comedy
    Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Samuel L. Jackson
    Matthew Vaughn

    I sure miss these kinds of spy films with a modern twist of cool matrix type action instead of the usual blazing guns. Its sick plot is Illuminati-inspired and is based on a true dark story of depopulation and is unexpectedly gory, brutal and serious spiced with light humor. A rare movie even if it feels all too common.

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