Frequently Asked Questions

ClickTheCity App
  1. How much is the app?
    ClickTheCity App is available for your device for FREE.
  2. Where can I install the app?
    ClickTheCity App is currently available for iPhone and Android. View our Download section for more information.
  3. Does the app require internet connection?
  4. I can use my mobile phone's browser to access ClickTheCity. Why download the app?
    While is available using your mobile browser, the ClickTheCity App is specifically designed for the phone's touch screen functionality, making it a breeze to browse through the content – epecially when used with the phone's GPS (Global Positioning System) feature. The app also allows you to view Clipcast content straight off your phone – view movie trailers and video features while you're on the go. It also features Privileges, a section where you can avail special offers and discounts from participating merchants, transforming your phone into a virtual lifestyle card. Did we also mention that the app is FREE?
  5. What happens to the users who have paid for the ClickTheCity App?
    Users who paid for the app get free membership for Privileges on ClickTheCity App valid until December 31, 2015. Just download the new version of the app and register your Privileges account with the phone used in buying the app.
  6. Why does the app show a wrong location when I use its 'NearMe' feature?
    The location accuracy of your mobile device depends on many factors, such as phone settings, current location, and wireless network connection.
  1. How do I use Privileges on ClickTheCity App?
    Here’s an easy to follow, step-by-step guide for first time users. Make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected to the internet for successful registration.
    1. Download the (FREE) ClickTheCity App for your phone (Android or iOS). 
    2. On the home screen, click the Privileges button with the ‘% off’ icon. 
    3. Search for a deal near you using the NearMe function, or search by city/location.
    4. Choose a coupon and pick a participating branch. 
    5. On your first generation, you will be prompted to register and activate your Privileges account. New users get FREE five (5) Rewards points upon activation.
    6. Generated coupon automatically goes to your Saved Coupons folder. It is valid within five (5) days from the time it was generated or until coupon’s expiration date.
    7. Once you’re in the store or restaurant, flash the mobile coupon to the attendant to avail the deal.
  2. How much is Privileges?
    First time users get 5 Rewards Points upon registration of their ClickTheCity Account. Points can be used to redeem Privileges coupons; 1 point = 1 coupon generation.
  3. I’ve used up all my free Rewards points. How can I continue using Privileges?
    There are two ways to continue using Privileges:

    Via ClickTheCity Rewards
    ClickTheCity Rewards is ClickTheCity App's customer loyalty program that rewards its users on certain activities on ClickTheCity App.

    - Mobile Number Registration (5pts)
    - The points are given upon successfully confirming the code sent via SMS.
    - Reporting of Incorrect Establishment Info (1pt)
    - The points are given upon ClickTheCity Team's Acceptance of the User Report.
    - Purchasing via Mobile Ordering (1pt/P300)
    - The points are given monthly based on the previous months' total purchase.

    To check your total Rewards points, tap the ClickTheCity logo on the app's main menu.

    Via Privileges Membership
  4. What personal information do I submit to register my Privileges?
    To sign up for Privileges, you need to provide your full name and a valid e-mail address. Make sure your registered name is also your name on your personal IDs, in case establishments need to take note of the coupon and ID details when you flash your phone for deals.
  5. What establishments are included in Privileges?
    Check out our Offers section for the complete list of merchants and their offers. Offers can change anytime, so please check Privileges on the day you will use the deals.
  6. Why is my favorite store not yet part of Privileges?
    We’re always on the lookout for good establishments that can offer you the best deals. Let us know about your favorite establishments, or simply ask them to request a Merchant Account from us so we can set their Merchant Program up and running.
  7. How come there was a merchant listed in Privileges yesterday that I can't find in the list now?
    The merchant list for Privileges changes, so participating merchants that you see today may not be part of the list tomorrow.
  8. Are Privileges mobile coupons available in my area?
    Privileges is continuously expanding; most merchant offers cater to the Metro Manila market. Feel free to recommend Privileges to your favorite merchants, add ClickTheCity on Twitter and like us on Facebook so that you get the latest developments and deals in Privileges.
  9. Will the Merchants really accept my Privileges coupons?
    Yes, they should. Merchants work closely with us to provide you the offers. Just generate your coupons and flash them to the attendants, wait staff or cashier. Also make sure that the coupon you generated is valid for the branch that you are visiting.

    New attendants, wait staff and employees may not have been briefed yet about Privileges on ClickTheCity App. If coupon rejection happens in that case, please contact us with the details so we can communicate this with the Merchant.
  10. How often can I generate a particular coupon?
    You may generate a particular merchant’s coupon once a day. It will stay in your Saved Coupons folder for five days.
  11. What happens when my mobile coupon expires?
    The expired mobile coupons are automatically removed from your Saved Coupons in Privileges.
  12. What if I change or lose my phone, what happens to my Privileges account?
    To prevent unauthorized use of your Privileges account, log in to your new device then tap "Unlink Device" (inside ClickTheCity option page). Unlink would log you out on all your devices. To log back in simply enter again your User ID and password.
  1. How can I include my business in Privileges?
    Your business can benefit from this new mobile marketing channel. Sign up your store to get started with your Merchant Program.
  2. How do I manage my brand's coupons in Privileges?
    Merchant should provide ClickTheCity an email address where all created coupons​ ​and reports will be sent. Merchant should honor and fulfill each​ ​coupon published in accordance with the terms stated in the offer. To create or discontinue a coupon, merchant should notify the designated Account Manager.

    ​Merchant is also responsible in handling Coupon availment. Merchant should safeguard the Merchant PIN, which will​ be used for claiming.​
  3. Can our customers print the coupons online?
    Privileges focuses on going green – with a paperless and location-based system, we provide our ClickTheCity App users with a modern and convenient mobile coupon experience. Privileges will not be providing printable online coupon services at this time. We'd like Privileges to always be easy to use and eco-friendly, making all offers mobile and handy.

  4. What does Privileges mobile coupons do that traditional paper coupons don't?
    When a coupon is offered through the phone, customers can now bring around special deals and offers wherever they go. No need to bring bulky wallets stuffed with so many paper coupons or plastic cards when with a simple tap and flash of a phone, they can avail of good deals at their favorite establishments. And with the location-based functionality of the phone, merchants can easily market their store offers when customers are nearby.

    Going mobile the Privileges way makes couponing very flexible. Say you have some leftover stock or surplus that need immediate clearing out. You can create a mobile coupon on the fly on the same day, offering huge discounts, doubly attracting Privilege users that are near your store. You can even set a coupon limit to monitor the number of coupons that a user can generate – once you've reached your desired sales and inventory level, the coupon management system disables the mobile coupon. We also provide analytic reports so that merchants can easily track the stats of coupons and how customers are responding to their mobile marketing campaigns.
  5. What are the costs for my customers when they sign up for Privileges?
    First time users get 5 Rewards Points upon registration of their ClickTheCity Account. Points can be used to redeem Privileges coupons; 1 point = 1 coupon generation.

    To continue using Privileges, they may either continue earning Rewards points or sign up for a 60-day Privileges subscription for P99.
  6. How are consumers notified when my establishment offers mobile coupons in Privileges?
    Offers from participating merchants are cross promoted and integrated throughout Current offers are published in our Privileges section, and these are also found in the establishment's directory page. New merchant offers are highlighted for the week they have been published. Better deals get bigger buzz: create attractive promos worth sharing to everyone, and elevate your mobile coupons into Popular Offers, seen at the homepage of the website. Merchant offers are easily shared in Facebook and Twitter through the social network integration of our Privileges system. Through the ClickTheCity App, your offers come up whenever consumers are within vicinity of your establishment with the use of the GPS feature of their mobile device. This gives consumers incentives on where to go and what to do within the current location they are in.
  7. What is the fee for my business to join Privileges?
    This service is FREE for all merchants. No joining fee. No transaction fees. No hidden charges!
  8. I'm in. Get my Merchant Program started! Where do I sign up my business?
    We’d love to hear from you! You can sign up and get started in getting your brand mobile.

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