INTERVIEW: Badboys Australia on the craziest thing that happened during a show, favorite moves and more!

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One of the hottest all-male entertainment, Badboys Australia, are performing in the Philippines for the first time. Change your weekend plans a bit and have an extraordinary entertainment experience as Menno, Mark, Blaine, Thor and Rudi perform at Cove Manila. 

Badboys Australia Cove Manila
[L-R] Menno, Mark, Blaine, Thor and Rudi

Having travelled through the US, Canada, Australia and Asia, the Badboys have become more than just a household name in the ladies entertainment industry. So, whether you're going out with your girlfriends or taking mom out for a surprise Mother's Day weekend, Badboys Australia promises you a fun and interactive experience you will never forget. After all, everyone loves a bad boy.

Before their show this weekend, I had the chance to have a quick chat with them where we talked what usually happens at a show, the craziest things that happen during a show and more! Read the complete interview below:

How many Badboys have there been? When did this start?

Menno: We probably had twenty different team members. Currently we probably have twelve and we've got a main team of eight so while we're in Manila, we have another team in Australia doing some other shows but this is what I call the A-team.

But usually, at a show there are only five of you on stage?

Menno: No, there's usually about six to seven. When we went to Hong Kong, we were eight. It really depends on how big the stage is but for this one, we're only five. 

What's a usual Bad Boy show like?

Blaine: Well, generally the night starts off with the ladies sitting down and having a proper dinner. Then there's the start of the show where the guys come out and do a group routine and then generally after that, we go into a little bit of games and stuff to get the crowd involved and loosen up the girls so they're not feeling too nervous -- just to let them know that we're normal blokes from Australia. And then we just go to our solo performances and right at the end of the show, we take photos with the audience. That's pretty much a basic night would look like. 

Mark: It's a fun choreographed show where the girls get involved a lot -- they're going to end up on the stage with us, we'll have them involved in our routines, we dance with them and just make sure everyone's feeling comfortable and having a good time. 

Badboys Australia Cove Manila

How long is a show?

Menno: It's a Vegas-style cabaret show so we're just doing a fixed 75-minute show and then there will be meet and greets and I believe an after party on Sunday. Traditionally we do two sets so with this show, we've combined it into one so there's no break in the middle.

Describe a show in three words.

Menno: Absolutely lots of fun. Oh, that's four! *laughs*

Mark: Fun, spectacular, shocking.

Blaine: I love it.

Thor: Thrilling, eptastic (epically fantastic) and sexy!

Rudi: Energy, masculine and extreme!

Badboys Australia Cove Manila Badboys Australia Cove Manila

What's your favorite part of the show?

Menno: For me it's getting to meet different cultures and people; not just the ladies but everyone involved. For example we're in the Philippines right now -- we've met people on the plane, we've met people just around the hotel and everyone's been really wonderful. The whole opportunity to see the world and enjoy what you're doing.

Mark: Yeah, I think for the show in particular, I probably would say the last little bit of my routine because that's the part where you've done most of the choreography and now you can do crowd interactions.

Thor: I'd say the opening of the show just because we're all really close, we've been performing together for a while now and there's just great energy going out there as a team because we spend so much time together. It's a great feeling every time.

What's the craziest thing that happened during a show?

Menno: For me, sometimes the girls get into a bit of a frenzy and they get a little overzealous and they would just try to grab my pants and pull it down. There was this one time that they did it extensively that the whole table collapsed on their legs. All was fine but it was a little funny because they wouldn't stop.

Blaine: We had a 300-pound very intoxicated husband charge us on the stage and bring down the light.

Mark: Oh, yes! One of the boys was actually in his underwear on stage when that happened! 

Thor: A very big man which ended up being a husband of one of the girls in the audience. That was shocking!

Badboys Australia Cove Manila

What should we look forward to the show this weekend?

Menno: You'll be looking forward to everything, really. It's a little bit for everyone and it's all themed as well -- an Aquaman in there, a SWAT officer, Jon Snow, a villain from a movie. In our group routines are very themed -- there's some classical, rock, ballads, hip hops and a lot of other stuff. We sort of cater to every age group, all the different genres. It's pretty much every girl's fantasy and plus, we're all down to earth -- we come out to the crowd, talk to the ladies and take photos with them. Because at the end of the day, we're just normal people like everyone else and that's the way we want to present ourselves.

What's fitness like for you guys? How often do you workout?

Rudi: We workout like 5 to 6 days a week, about an hour a day. We enjoy it since fitness is part of our lives. We like to rehearse, lift weights and everything. 

Thor: It has been a hobby before we even got into the industry in the first place so it's not like we started the job and now all of a sudden we have to do it. It's always been enjoyable and have been a part of us.

Can you show me your favorite move?


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Badboys Australia Cove Manila


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