Here are All the Features To Enjoy on Spotify in the Second Half of the Year

Discover popular tunes from our latest playlist launch, Fresh Finds. Our Fresh Finds playlist is part of Spotify’s focus on spotlighting independent artists and helping them grow. Globally, Fresh Finds has playlisted over 25,000 artists, with their average monthly listeners increasing by 108%. 

Check out some songs from Fresh Finds Philippines – from soothing tunes from Von Lucer’s Aking Bituin, to the groovy beats of “Nothing’s Coming Out” from Eyya. Can You Feel It by Eunice Janin, Astral Mind Music and WLFTOWN has definitely got us feelin’ what’s left of the year. While we can’t “Turn Back Time”, we are excited to see what “Better Days” lie ahead.

Ed SheeranAriana GrandeKali Uchis. There’s one place fans go to find a mix of music from their favorite groundbreaking artists—and that’s Today’s Top Hits. This playlist showcases the latest top hits driven by fans, combined with specially curated picks from editors who analyze music culture, data, and trends. Stream Today’s Top Hits for the very best in music today. 

Spotify’s Original and Exclusives Podcasts

Since last year, we’ve added 24 Original and Exclusive Filipino shows to Spotify. From real conversations about culture, life, and love, to lighthearted nuggets of wisdom and humor, here are some motivating podcasts for you to finish the year strong. 

Between Us Queens – Led by Miss Universe 2015 winner Pia Wurtzbach together with fellow beauty queens Bianca Guidotti and Carla Lizardo, former pageant ladies have come together to share what it means to be a modern Filipina. Check out interesting and insightful episodes such as “Maintaining A Healthy Mindset During This Pandemic”. 


Payaman Insider – A weekly spontaneous chat show with the country’s largest online collective famously known for their irreverent friendly banters. How about checking out their episode “Usapang Pangarap” on ways to keep optimistic when the going gets tough? 

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Adulting with Joyce Pring – The How-To’s of your 20’s, by a 20-something, traversing through life and with gusto! Go on a journey with Joyce as she shares tips and tricks on how professionals lead creatively, and even setting healthy boundaries for a better half of 2021. 

Superhuman – Award-winning vlogger Wil Dasovich will bring his own brand of introspective storytelling through his audio diary, spotlighting a more intimate perspective of wellness, health and fitness. In the spirit of good vibes for the rest of the year, check out his latest episode on the power of intention, active listening and letting go. 

Other Updates

Spotify is offering three months free of Spotify Premium to eligible Samsung consumers in 73 countries including Indonesia. Samsung users in these markets who haven’t tried Spotify Premium before or those who use Spotify Free are eligible to unlock three months free and all the benefits fans love about Spotify Premium. 

Access to more than 70 million tracks and more than 2.6 million podcast titles, ad-free music listening, music + podcast offline downloads, on-demand listening to any song, podcast, album or artist, and quality audio streaming.

Check out our latest personalized feature called Blend. Currently in beta, Blend is a new way for two friends to merge their musical tastes into one curated playlist made just for them, making it even easier for users to connect, discover, and share the music they love with one another.

Blend will be updated daily. Simply invite a friend to blend with—as long as they have a Spotify Free or Premium plan—and Blend will grow with each user over time based on how their listening changes. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap “Create Blend” in the Made For You hub on mobile. 
  2. Then, tap “Invite” to select a friend to blend with by sharing a single-use invitation via messages or email. (For each friend you want to blend with, you will need to generate a new invitation.)
  3. Once your friend accepts the invite and joins Blend, Spotify will generate a custom tracklist for the two of you filled with songs you already love—and recommendations combining your listening preferences and tastes.
  4. It’s easy to identify how each friend has influenced the track choice. Simply check the profile icons next to the track.

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