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ICYMI: BTS Just Released, ‘BE’, Their Most BTS Album Yet!

What's your favorite song from the new album?

South Korean group BTS has just released BE, their newest album today, and needless to say, it’s as BTS as it can be! The new album dropped at 1PM today, along with the music video for their title track “Life Goes On.”

Watch it below:

BE is an 8-track album exploring the “emotions and ruminations” of BTS throughout the year. The album aims to bring comfort and positivity to fans from all over the world as we live in a time of a pandemic.

“Everything stopped for everyone, so it’s a time of confusion and emptiness. We wanted to capture all of these emotions in an honest way,” Jin said during the press conference today.

Each of the members participated not only in the songwriting and production of the tracks but also in other aspects involved in a comeback. V took the role of being the visual manager, while Jimin participated as the Production Manager for the album.


Jungkook, who’s released “GCF films” before, put on his director’s hat once again. He directed the music video for “Life Goes On,” a hopeful alternative hip hop track saying that “life goes on” despite the difficult times we’re in today.

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Aside from “Life Goes On,” other tracks included in the album are “Fly to My Room,” “Blue & Grey,” “Telepathy,” “Dis-ease,” and “Stay.” “Dynamite” is also included in the album, as well as a “Skit” — a recording of when the members found out that “Dynamite” debuted at the top of the Billboard charts.

Stream the new album BE on Spotify. You can also purchase the new album on BTS’ official store on WeVerse Shop. It’s also available on 3rd-party sites like Ktown4U.

Homestream image is screenshot from the music video.

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