Coca-Cola - Sarah Geronimo

Coca-Cola and Sarah Geronimo Spread Holiday Cheer with New Christmas Song

Upbeat and inspiring, "Basta't Kapiling Ka, Masaya ang Pasko" is sure to tug at the heart and stir emotions.

Christmas this year finds us in unusual and radically different times. However, it’s worth remembering that despite the difficulties and challenges we face, the real essence of the season—of love, sharing, and that renewed feeling hope—will never change no matter what. This is the timely and meaningful message of the special Christmas song from Coca-Cola, performed by none other than one of the biggest pop stars of our time, Sarah Geronimo.

Sarah Geronimo

“Coca-Cola has always used music to connect and bring people together. We believe in the power of music to uplift and inspire hope, togetherness and positivity especially this Christmas season,” says Teejae Sonza, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Philippines. “This year is truly incomparable. Despite all the adversities that we have faced, there is one thing that was truly emphasised this year and that is that the simplest of things—time, presence, and one’s self—are truly the some of the best things in this life.”

Sonza further added, “Sarah Geronimo’s performance of the Coca-Cola Christmas song in the most recent Coke Studio episode fully captured all of these.”

Upbeat and inspiring, the new song “Basta’t Kapiling Ka, Masaya ang Pasko” composed by Thyro Alfaro is sure to tug at the heart and stir emotions. Its message is authentic, relatable, and brings forth our thoughts and inner feelings—putting them into words and melodies.

Watch the video here:

This new Christmas song is not only quickly overtaking the airwaves but is also fast becoming a viral hit. Its official launch music video on YouTube has since garnered over 500K views. On Spotify, the song is also getting download traction, reminding us that even as Christmas brings with it many changes, the best gift we can give is spending time with family and loved ones.

Coca-Cola reminds us through their uplifting Christmas song that as long as we’re together, even in the most trying of times, our hearts will be ever more joyful and delighted.

“Basta’t ika’y kasalo/mas lalong sasaya ang puso” (Hearts are happier as long as we’re together).

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