HONNE no song without you

Electronic Duo HONNE releases no song without you Mixtape

Two years since their sophomore album Love Me/Love Me Not, UK electronic duo HONNE has released no song without you. The 14-track mixtape was written between LA and their studio in London.

They first released the title-track no song without you in June and uploaded an animated video that has gotten 1.5 million views in just two weeks.

As part of the album promotion, the duo has been doing live streams on YouTube and Instagram. They have also announced there will be listening parties via Twitter.

The no song without you mixtape features a bunch of upbeat tracks with their unique use of synth and Andy Clutterbuck’s distinctive voice. The last track ‘smile more smile more smile more’ provides a dose of much-needed positivity. “Put down your phone and see the world through your own eyes,” ends the duo.

Listen to no song without you mixtape:

We caught up with HONNE when they were in Manila for a series of shows in 2019. Watch them play Q and Dare:


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