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Want to discover what we're listening to right now?

Whether you love listening to fine tunes while working or just want to put your mind off things for a bit, jamming to a track or learning new things through a podcast is just the way to go these days. While we work at home and try to give you the latest updates #AroundTheCityOnline, we stream songs and podcasts to stay calm, cool and collected.

Want to discover what we're listening to right now? Then keep tabs on this weekly rundown where we hand-pick some of our favorite songs and podcasts to share with the ClickTheCity community!

Mitch Hedberg | Listen on Spotify

"I like rice, rice is great when you're hungry and you want 2,000 of something."

It's been over a decade since one of my favorite comedians Mitch Hedberg passed away, but his iconic stoner comedy lives on at Spotify. Hedberg, known for his laidback observational comedy that he delivers in a quiet demeanor (a far cry from loud 'confident' comedians) while sporting his dark sunglasses, might at first give the first impression of typical pothead humor. But once you've heard his one-liners and commentaries about mundane life, you'll see how his thoughts are just incredibly unique and off-kilter, making for genius comedy material. If it's your first time hearing his name, then it's never too late to dive into his great work, since YouTube has a lot of his old clips online, and Spotify has all three of his comedy albums. We could all use a good laugh to get us through quarantine, so give his tracks a listen!

Beatriz Acosta          

What Kinda Music by Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes

Two years since his last album release, the English musician and producer put out his latest album while we're all in quarantine. He made sure that this album would be different from his past releases by collaborating with jazz drummer Yussef Dayes who has a very much different musical style from Misch. And we're not just talking about a few tracks, but the entire album. What Kinda Music is a mixture of jazz, hip-hop with funky drum beats, unique use of synth with soothing melodies. A personal favorite track is Nightrider which has Misch's catchy chorus and the help of contemporary rap legend Freddie Gibbs. Are you one to listen to chill songs while working or just relaxing? Here's an album worth listening to!

Nadine Macandog          

DJ Suga's KKUL FM 06.13

Hosted by BTS' Suga, DJ Suga's Kkul FM 06.13 is a Korean radio show where he answers questions, give life updates and advices which are sent to him days ahead of the broadcast. He has always been perceived to be the group's quietest, yet most introspective member, so it was nice to hear him communicate with fans and share his thoughts about things like sadness, dreams, and goals – things that fans really need to hear right now. Now uploaded with subtitles on Vlive, it's a nice radio show to listen to for fans of the group who are looking for comfort and motivation or if are just looking for a good way to pass the time during the pandemic!

Rendcel Isip          

Cults Daily Podcast

Cults are a curious thing, and this podcast gives its listeners a better glimpse of what's happening inside and outside some of the well-known cults in history. As someone who's into real crime stories, tales about real-life cults are like a subgenre where manipulation often leads to unbelievable criminal acts. Just imagine cult members poisoning people in a subway during the rush hour, and the idea all came from a yoga and meditation instructor whose mental health was deteriorating. Listening to this podcast, I can't help but think that cults might already be around us, and we just rarely notice.

Abraham Doctor          

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