The Mission Continues For Boy Katindig, Asia’s Progenitor of Jazz Fusion Music

He's back in his homeland to continue his mission of reviving the local Jazz scene in Manila.

Philippine Jazz icon, Boy Katindig, will be
coming back to Manila and will be performing live at the Hard Rock Cafe Makati on
Saturday, February 5, 2011. Doors open at 8:00 PM. Tickets will be available in Hard Rock
Cafe Makati and in KoolKat Productions Manila.

After a New Year’s eve stint at The Bellagio in Las Vegas and a couple of shows in the
west coast of the United States, Jazz Pianist and International Recording Artist, Boy
Katindig will be back in his homeland to continue his mission of reviving the local Jazz
scene in Manila.

“Musicians from our neighboring countries have always looked up on musicians from
Manila because we’ve had that reputation of being the best in this region–that was 25
years ago. In Asia, it was the Manila music scene that was happening then!” says the
renowned pianist and keyboard master. “It’s sad to see that we’ve fallen behind when it
comes to jazz music appreciation and entertainment. Indonesia has caught up having the
biggest Jazz Festival in Asia with 16,000 people in attendance–some of that coming from
different parts of the world. It’s time to gather what I’ve learned from all my years of
experience in the country where Jazz originated, bring it back to Manila and pick-up where
I left off.”

Boy Katindig, son of legendary pianist, Romy Katindig, played with a host of successful
bands in Manila like “Bits & Pieces” & “Circus”, and then formed the “Boy Katindig Band.”
In 1978, Boy signed up with A&W Records International and recorded several albums
under the Horizon label which became multi-awarded albums by the Cecil Music Awards
Foundation and the “Boy Katindig Band” receiving the “Best Jazz Group” award from the
Aliw Awards Foundation for three consecutive years. At the height of his career, and after a
series of performances in Southeast Asia, Boy decided to move to the United States, the
homeland of Jazz music, to pursue his dreams of performing his music to a wider jazz
audience and to fulfill the need for growth and international acceptance.

He went to the United States to immerse himself in the highly competitive Jazz scene and
made his name up to the point of having jazz luminaries like Gerald Albright, Abe Laboriel,
Brandon Fields and Russ Freeman playing his original music in his U.S.
releases, headlining The Bellagio in Las Vegas for some years, and going on tour with
smooth jazz artists like Eric Marienthal, and just last year, Paul Taylor.
Last September 30, 2010, Boy K was awarded the “Dangal Ng Musikang Pilipino
Award” (Lifetime Achievement Award) by the Philippine Association of the Recording Industry at the 23rd Awit Awards for his exemplary and outstanding achievement as
award-winning songwriter and producer.


After an all sold-out homecoming concert tour in 2009, and an immense welcome for him
and his music, Boy K has decided to come back to Manila in 2010 to rekindle the people’s
love and appreciation for his kind of music and remake the kind of music scene that waned
not long after his leaving. Independently, he has done a series of small successful shows
called, “Say What? Contemporary Jazz at its hippest!” around Metro Manila to showcase
his brand of entertainment. The marvelous response and acceptance kept him going in
spite of the ever-challenging entertainment business.

On February 5, 2011, Saturday, he will be back in the famed Hard Rock Cafe Makati, for
“Boy Katindig: Back In The Day,” the first of another series of shows by his outfit, Kool Kat
Productions. The repertoire of the performance will be comprised of his fans’ most
requested ORIGINAL tunes, cuts from his Manila releases, “Midnight Lady,” “After
Midnight,” and “In My Inner Fantasies,” and some, tunes that he used to play in the famous
Manila jazz clubs of the 70s and 80s, “Birds of the Same Feather” in Quezon City, and
“Vineyard” in Makati.

He will, again, be joined onstage by his colleague, Maritoni Falconi and, promising young
R&B band, Mo-Teef. Boy K is also in the lookout for fresh talents and showcase them in
the series.

Boy Katindig and KoolKat Productions Manila have a lot of projects in the drawing board
for 2011. “We’re looking forward to forging effective and dynamic partnerships and come
up with a lot of collaborative projects to get a lot of people involved in fulfilling the mission.”
Aside from the revival of the jazz scene, Boy Katindig supports and greatly appreciates the
President’s move on supporting the propagation of Original Pilipino Music, being an
internationally respected songwriter himself.

The show, “Boy Katindig: Back In The Day,” will be held on February 5, 2011 in Hard Rock
Cafe Makati, located at Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati City. For tickets, call KoolKat
Productions at 542-6062, SMS 0927-7983418 or email

Visit and for more
information on Boy Katindig’s music and career.

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