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ClickTheCity Faves: What We’re Listening To This Week

Whether you love listening to fine tunes while working or just want to put your mind off things for a bit, jamming to a track or learning new things through a podcast is just the way to go these days. While we work at home and try to give you the latest updates #AroundTheCityOnline, we stream songs and podcasts to stay calm, cool and collected.

Want to discover what we’re listening to right now? Then keep tabs on this weekly rundown where we hand-pick some of our favorite songs and podcasts to share with the ClickTheCity community!

Endslate: A Movie, TV, and Streaming Podcast | Listen on Spotify

This is a local podcast hosted by director Quark Henares, writer Ramon de Veyra, and coworking space founder Mel Alcaraz. Powered by Globe Studios, where Quark leads, they talk about anything and everything about current and past pop culture with the occasional bit about “showbiz kacheapan”. I like their take on movies and TV because they all have different tastes and the podcast updates me on what’s interesting enough to watch. They would sometimes have guests like recently they had Sandwich’s Raims Marasigan and Mong Alcaraz (Mel’s husband) to talk about the recently released Beastie Boys documentary by Spike Jonze.

Denise Mallabo

Sober II (Melodrama) by Lorde

Lorde’s done it again. Her long and lovely email blast last week threw me back into the Melodrama rabbithole. While it’s always on my regular rotation, it magically feels new every time you listen to it all over again. Lorde’s ideas and melodies of solitude are eerily fitting in this extraordinary time and there’s a joy and melancholy to the sound that’s so vibrant that you can finally see the colors that she does. My current favorite is Sober II.

Andrea Lam

D-2 by Agust D

Agust D Suga’s alter ego Agust D finally returns with his mixtape, ‘D-2’, released for free last Friday. The 10-track mixtape features collaborations with artists like MAXX, NiiHWA, Nell’s Kim Jong Wan, and fellow BTS member RM. Just like the other mixtapes from the BTS rapline, I love how D-2 is different from their group releases. Each song is raw and personal, and Agust D doesn’t really shy away from sharing his thoughts on loneliness, the fear of coming down from fame, losing someone, and more. While I definitely think this one is another “no-skip” from him, my favorite from this album are ‘Interlude: Set Me Free’ and ‘Dear My Friend’, where he exchanges the heavy rap verses for a more serene and laidback sound.

Rendcel Isip

The Mindset Mentor | Listen on Spotify

The Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial is a podcast that caters to anyone who needs some motivation or is looking for a direction in life. What I like about this podcast is that Rob Dial supports everything that he says with a logical explanation and even scientific data. It is not the usual “you can do this” kind of encouragement often paired with some instrumental music to get you pumped up with what you’re doing. He makes it clear that achieving your goals is a tedious process, but it will pay off if you can successfully make even the smallest changes in your habits. The Mindset Mentor gives you real-life lessons that you can keep in mind and apply to your everyday life.

Abraham Doctor

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