10 of the Best #AGUSTD2ISCOMING-Related Tweets From Last Night

For a couple of days now, the entirety of ARMY stan Twitter has been in a state of chaos and confusion as Big Hit Entertainment and BTS started a countdown on their official social media pages about what seems to be an upcoming release!

With the teasers getting clearer (is it, really?) as we get closer to D-Day, fans have started speculating that the agency could actually be hinting of the highly-anticipated mixtapes of either Suga (alter ego: AGUST D) or Jungkook. It was only until this morning – when Apple Music suddenly updated AGUST D’s photo on the platform – that fans have concluded that it could be the follow-up to Suga’s first mixtape, AGUST D!

Of course, so many keywords regarding this including “#AGUSTD2ISCOMING“, “Apple Music”, “Min Yoongi”, and “Suga” started trending everywhere, as ARMY started hyping everyone on the upcoming release. Check out some of our favorite tweets that just shows how excited we all are for AGUSTD2:

Theorist ARMY and their Theories:

“All men do is lie”


AGUST D is coming to save 2020!

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The return of the Bangtan Cult:

The Duality of Min Yoongi:

“We’re gonna get you out of there!”

AGUST D 2016 meets AGUST D 2020:

The entire fandom streaming AGUST D2 as soon as it drops:

What Min Yoongi did: THAT

Yoongi, knowing he’s about to drop the best mixtape:

AGUST D is the alter-ego for one of BTS’ main rapper SUGA. It’s also the title of his first mixtape – with tracks like “The Last”, “So Far Away”, “Give It To Me”, and more – released for free back in August 2016. You can check out the mixtape here.

You can check out Big Hit Entertainment and BTS‘ official Twitter pages for updates.

Homestream image is a screenshot from the official “Give It To Me” music video.

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