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ClickTheCity Faves: What We’re Listening To This Week

Whether you love listening to fine tunes while working or just want to put your mind off things for a bit, jamming to a track or learning new things through a podcast is just the way to go these days. While we work at home and try to give you the latest updates #AroundTheCityOnline, we stream songs and podcasts to stay calm, cool and collected.

Want to discover what we’re listening to right now? Then keep tabs on this weekly rundown where we hand-pick some of our favorite songs and podcasts to share with the ClickTheCity community!

Insight Timer | Download the app

One way or another, this pandemic has given us some time to introspect and look into our own well-being. Meditation and self-care have been helpful and one of the helpful apps that’s keeping me company is Insight Timer. With a robust library of playlists that ease the mind to help with sleep, anxiety, and stress, the app has many forms of content you can listen to. Browse on podcasts and readings, poems and guided meditations, even content for children and for different kinds of faiths. There’s always time to reflect and meditate, even as little as ten minutes with their 10 Minute Pause. If COVID-19 is depleting you of good energy, listen to one of their many pandemic-related content to calm the mind, like this track.

Beatriz Acosta

Guys by The 1975

Part of their upcoming 22-track album Notes on a Conditional Form, Guys is a tribute song to their nearly two decades of friendship. The band formed in 2002 and has stuck with each other since then. Lead Matty Healy sings about how special their bond is, calling them “the love of my life” and “the best thing that ever happened.” According to some reports, the band debuted this song while on tour, pairing the track with videos of them from their younger years. I’ve been a fan since 2012 and it’s always so exciting when they release new songs. What I find really cool is the album art of the song seems to be taken from the same room where they recorded the music video for their song Sex.

Nadine Macandog

The Dream Chapter: Eternity | Listen on Spotify

Tomorrow by Together returns with The Dream Chapter: Eternity, the last of the trilogy on the group’s story of growth and friendship. What I love about this album is how each track has a different sound, highlighting every member’s strong points. My favorite from the album? It would probably be the jazzy bop “Fairy of Shampoo” and the album finale “Eternally”, which starts off mellow before going into a surprisingly heavier, more angsty second part! Having listened to all the tracks they’ve released since debut, I just know that they will only keep getting better as they mature as a group!

Rendcel Isip

Tracy Chapman | Listen on Spotify

I first heard ‘Fast Car’ from the American band Boyce Avenue who did an impressive cover of the song. I didn’t know who its original singer was back then, but I really loved its lyrics, which is about escaping a messed-up life and finding the place where you can feel you belong. It didn’t take long before I sought out the original version, which turns out to be from a musician named Tracy Chapman. After giving it a go on Spotify, I could say I liked her ‘80s rendition even better. Then, as I checked out more of her songs, I realized that many of them do not revolve solely on romance. Chapman’s tracks like ‘Talkin’ Bout A Revolution,’ ‘Why,’ and ‘Behind The Wall’ to name a few, include some very powerful socio-political statements that I think are still relevant even at our present time.

Abraham Doctor

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