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Want to discover what we're listening to right now?

Whether you love listening to fine tunes while working or just want to put your mind off things for a bit, jamming to a track or learning new things through a podcast is just the way to go these days. While we work at home and try to give you the latest updates #AroundTheCityOnline, we stream songs and podcasts to stay calm, cool and collected.

Want to discover what we're listening to right now? Then keep tabs on this weekly rundown where we hand-pick some of our favorite songs and podcasts to share with the ClickTheCity community!

Sini Gang Podcast

"Full disclosure: I'm good friends with the three hosts behind this food-centric local podcast. Comprising of Chef Ed Bugia, 'The Pickiest Eater' Richie Zamora, and Chef Sharwin Tee, The Sini Gang touches on all things food — from Metro Manila restaurants, Filipino cuisine, restaurant industry concerns, food forecasts, and all things in between. The world of food through their lens is both entertaining and insightful, and every episode is like catching up with friends, and how I imagine our conversations would unfold once we're all going out to our favorite restaurant to share a meal once again. Some of my favorite episodes are 'What's YOUR Death Row Meal?,' 'Tupperware Blogger Scandal,' and 'The Best Thing We Put In Our Mouths.' All the delicious food talk is bound to make you hungry, so be prepared with a lockdown snack or two (or three) while tuning in."

Beatriz Acosta          

Sometimes (Acoustic) by Kodaline

"I've always been a Kodaline fan so when they released two new songs after two years, I was pretty excited. A more mellow version of their newly released folk song, the acoustic version of Sometimes is a good Sunday afternoon company. According to lead singer Steve Garrigan, he started to write the song to help him calm down during the band's Asia tour in 2019. The track is all about accepting the bad days and trying to stay positive, and I feel like it's a great message to convey especially now that everything is uncertain. Bring out your earphones and get lost in the calming vocals and every strum of the guitar."

Nadine Macandog          

Love Part 1

"Colde is a pretty big name in the K-Indie scene, so it's only natural that he's on every KRNB playlist on Spotify which is how I knew him. I've only heard a few songs from him – basically whatever comes on shuffle – but I recently stumbled upon the track "WAR-R-R" and ended up listening to his entire 2019 release "Love Part 1". Just as expected, each song is quiet and calming, something I'd listen to again while working or when I feel like I chilling at a cafe. My favorite track would have to be "Love is A Flower", a soft song accompanied by whistling and the sound of chirping birds as Colde sings – or whispers – his questions about what love is."

Rendcel Isip          

Something Scary Podcast

"In my teenage years, everytime I spent Halloween at home, I would always tune in to my favorite radio station for their horror specials. Complete with those creepy sound effects and suspenseful storytelling, it never failed to give me the chills. Now, whenever I'm looking for that same thrill, I would just put on my earphones, open Spotify, and listen to the Something Scary Podcast at any time of the day. Something scary is a treasure trove of submitted stories that include modern hauntings, frightening folktales, and urban legends from all around the world, and while some of the hair-raising tales are purposely identifiable as fictional, other stories would make you believe they actually happened giving you that extra scare."

Abraham Doctor          


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