ClickTheCity Faves: What We’re Listening To This Week

Whether you love listening to fine tunes while working or just want to put your mind off things for a bit, jamming to a track or learning new things through a podcast is just the way to go these days. While we work at home and try to give you the latest updates #AroundTheCityOnline, we stream songs and podcasts to stay calm, cool and collected.

Want to discover what we’re listening to right now? Then keep tabs on this weekly rundown where we hand-pick some of our favorite songs and podcasts to share with the ClickTheCity community!

Beatles Covers Playlist by BOTBM | Listen on Spotify

Aside from discovering new things to watch and stream from friends, Facebook Groups like Best of the Best Manila is also one of the great places to know what people like listening to nowadays.

One of my favorite discussions in the group is the best song covers, and in particular, I am enjoying everyone’s recommendations on the best Beatles covers since my childhood was filled with their music. Follow this playlist where a BOTBM member rounds up everyone’s top picks! My favorite track? A haunting and bittersweet cover of ‘Across The Universe’ by Fiona Apple.

​ ​Beatriz Acosta


I Know Alone by HAIM

Three years since their last album, the sisters of Los Angeles’ HAIM will be releasing their third album this year. So far, they’ve put out five singles from their Women in Music Pt. III album. And the pandemic isn’t stopping them from promoting their record by releasing a fun music video for ‘I Know Alone’. It is a somber synth-heavy track with heavy words but the beat makes it sound like a really fun song. Definitely a good listen if you want a good emotional bop song!

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Nadine Macandog

Hospital Playlist OST

One of the things I love the most about Hospital Playlist – aside from its story, of course – is its soundtrack. The OST consists of old Korean songs performed by the cast of the drama, and revived by K-pop artists to give it a fresh new take. My favorite song from the playlist is most definitely ‘In front of city hall at the subway station’, a song which gives off a feeling of warmth and nostalgia for a time that I definitely wasn’t able to experience. With 4 more episodes to go for this season, I can’t wait to hear all the other songs they have prepared for us!

Rendcel Isip

Welcome to Night Vale | Listen on Spotify

Welcome to Night Vale is like Disney’s Gravity Falls on a podcast. It is a radio show set in the fictional desert town of Night Vale, where “every conspiracy theory is true.” It operates just like a real radio station, with its announcer sharing the latest news and updates around town.

But Night Vale is no ordinary town, and the things happening within its borders are often brought about by supernatural entities, from monsters to aliens to cloaked beings that can only mutter a hiss. Despite this, don’t expect the podcast to be scary. It’s actually quite funny because despite all the strange occurrences, its citizens do not seem to mind. They also feature songs from independent bands, making each episode even more entertaining.

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