Spotify’s October: Zack Tabudlo’s ‘Episode’ & Spooky Podcasts to Listen to

They've also released some Halloween-related trends on the platform.

Before the month ends, Spotify gives us an update on Zack Tabudlo’s new album, Episode, and some creepy podcasts that are perfect for this season of spooks!

Zack Tabudlo’s Episode certainly “Hitz Different”!

Zack Tabudlo has released his captivating album, Episode, on Spotify. This inspirational and moving 14-track album is a collection of his personal experiences about love, life, and the challenges that he overcame while chasing his dreams.

Zack Tabudlo is also part of Spotify’s RADAR Philippines, a global program that supports emerging artists. “RADAR has given me a platform to share more of my music to both the local and global audience. It has given me the motivation to create more music.” He adds, “With the help of Spotify, being able to reach my listeners in a meaningful way does justice to my roots and hard work. I hope the stories that I share about my passion and heart for songwriting will inspire other aspiring young artists to showcase their works and put Filipino music and artists on the global stage.”

Check out Episode on Spotify and stay tuned for exclusive content on the audio platform! 

Spotify’s Halloween is back from the dead – and so are some spooky streams!

For a little scare to the senses, Spotify is bringing back its Halloween extravaganza, a web of curated content to get listeners into the spirit of all things spooky. From music playlists like  Headbanger HalloweenTrick or Treat and Fright Fest to local podcasts, Stories After DarkCreepsilog and Wag Kang Liligon, it’s certain to set your spine tingling and looking over your shoulders. 

  • Stories After Dark – A narrative podcast on Philippine true-crime stories. Each episode covers some of the country’s most jaw dropping mystery stories.  
  • Creepsilog – Expect a range of chilling topics – from the creepy and weird to the disturbing and scary. Paranormal events, strange phenomena, true crime – it’s all covered in light and twisted Pinoy humor.
  • Wag Kang Liligon – Join Grace Marcellana and Mimai Cabugnason, two girls with an enduring fascination for the weird and strange, as they dive, learn, (and laugh) their way through hair-raising and insomnia-inducing tales of horror, mystery, true crime, and suspense.

Spotify also released some Halloween-related trends happening on the audio platform:

  • Spookier than ever: There was a nearly 100% jump in Halloween-themed streaming on the first day of the spookiest month, compared to the day before. There is also over 2.9 million user-generated Halloween playlists to choose from. 
  • Cult classics: All-time Halloween classics are back in action, with streams significantly spiking as compared to the previous month, like “Monster Mash” up by 350% and “This is Halloween” up by 280%.
  • New tricks on the block: Spotify has also seen some newcomers enter the Halloween scene. More popular songs added to Halloween playlists include: 

For more information, head on over to Spotify’s website here:

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