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WATCH: LANY’s Paul Klein Shows Us How He Danced To Their New Album gg bb xx

Have you listened to LANY's latest album?

Just a year since the release of mama’s boy, LANY has yet again gifted us with new music. An album that’s completely different from the previous one, gg bb xx is the band’s return to the LANY sound everyone fell in love with.

In a virtual press conference with select media from South East Asia, LANY frontman Paul Klein talks about how productive the pandemic has made him. He also shares an interesting story about what inspired him behind the song “Up To Me” which he wrote with Evanescence songwriter David Hodges, and even shows us a dance move he kept doing while creating a certain song from the album.

Watch Paul Klein talk about LANY’s new album:

gg bb xx is now available on streaming platforms. Here’s the complete tracklist:

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