Behind The Sins: Tanya Markova

Once upon a time, in a fictional land called Himalandia, 8 strange characters/misfits decided to make a difference. These observant individuals are fed up as citizens of this place that they decided to do something about it. They looked for means in order to rock & roll. They became friends with each other because they all hung out in an underground, and get to listen to Beach Boys’ Pet sounds everyday, in repeat. These 8 guys decided to form a band, and they began having a cult following.

At present, they are becoming the talk of the town; they are creating a buzz among people and in and out the industry; they have been earning raves from local celebrities and critics; their video is topping the charts of music channels and radio stations; and most significantly, their catchy single creates a hypnotic LSS which causes people to continually play the song in their heads…. With their quirky tunes, distinctive looks and whimsical personality, Tanya Markova is surely becoming the next big thing in music!

Now, who in the planet is Tanya Markova?

Whenever someone would ask the question, “Who is Tanya Markova?” the members of this entertaining band would usually answer, “She is not one of us”. Well, she isn’t, her name is not even one of the band members gay alias.

TANYA MARKOVA is the brainchild of 8 distinct personalities with pseudonyms which add an interesting twist to their character. The band's childish aura and demeanor is meant to entertain the audience with silly lyrics and twisted musical exploration, their musical influences ranging “from mild to wild”. Albeit serious when it comes to their music and not wanting to be labeled as a 'humor' band which is a one dimensional term, the band's music is “dumb”, and ridiculously fun.

The band’s name reflects on their music. Due to the band’s ambition to try out different genres in music without losing their wit and humor-laden attitude, it is really hard to label or stereotype them because of their uncanny ability to create songs that are out of the box. You can describe their songs any way you want --- sweet, catchy, immature, chopsuey, scary, and even confusing --- attributed to the fact that they have different musical tastes yet they in sync with each other when they play.

Initially formed late 2004, Tanya Markova was a pet project of 2 musically-inclined individuals who one day decided to just hang out and vent their frustration in life through cigarettes and stupid conversation. Harlon Agsaoay ( aka Norma Love , vocalist, co-songwriter, tambourine) informed Angelo del Pilar (aka Iwa Motors, vocalist, co-songwriter, bell ringer) that he had recently watched a Marilyn Manson documentary and thought he is an attention-seeking genius that’s why he became America’s public enemy when it comes to notoriety, the latter, who is Manson’s number one fan agreed --- and the rest is history. Iwa immediately thought of an idea to combine sappy melodies and scary, caricature-driven lyrics, then they decided to compose songs filled with sarcasm, idiocy, and childish ramblings. During those times the song they’ve created were only meant to be a joke, with nonsensical titles like Hoy Bampira ako Takot ka na? (later shortened to Bampira and the first song they’ve ever completed).

They are now out with a spanking new self-titled album under MCA Music containing all original tracks to tickle your humor! The band’s eponymous album under MCA Music gives you a taste of all-original Pilipino music with 21 tracks of songs and fillers that deals with extraordinary and out of this world themes.

Who would have thought that pop can this be wild? Imagine yourself and your friends in a wonderland singing songs about vampires, evil possession, ghosts, and supernaturals. Quite a bit ironic but it'll surely tickle your bones. Humor and horror in one firepower album. Definitely for the young at heart but not for heart surgery bypass candidates.

Featuring their carrier single PICTURE PICTURE, TANYA MARKOVA’s ALL-ORIGINAL offering vows to be the next big thing in music with their catchy tracks “Disneyland,” “Linda Blair,” “Bampira,” “P.A. Roadie Fernandez,” and more. Their carrier single “PICTURE PICTURE” has taken the country by storm by a huge deal, and has been playing virtually everywhere! It also has an acoustic version as well as dance remixes which are available digitally!

From M.I.M.'s hard rocking effort to Linda Blair's bubblegum indie-pop offering, Tanya Markova is an album you and your mother can enjoy. Listen to it to know what we mean.

Tanya Markova is available in all major record bars nationwide. To get a FREE ringback tone of their latest single Picture Picture, text the code KH071 and send to 2332 for Globe and TM Subscribers, or the code PICTUREPIC and send to 2728 for Smart and Talk n Text Subscribers.

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