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Shakespeare might have changed the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet into a happy ending if he had heard Taylor Swift’s Love Story during his time. Especially if he realizes how easily Taylor Swift can touch the hearts of many with her phenomenal songs.

In the Philippines, her first single off her debut album, Fearless, entitled Love Story is glued to the charts! Positions include being #1 for months now in most video and radio charts. With dozens of fans from all over the country hailing her beauty, music, and talent they just couldn’t resist making their hunger for Taylor known. Throughout the Globe, Love Story powered into the top five of the Billboard Hot 100 in just two weeks, with downloads well on their way to US Platinum Single status (more than 1 million tracks sold). She has also sold over 8 million albums worldwide and has sold over 14 million tracks online! Aside from Love Story, her album also includes her previous worldly renowned tracks popularized by US radio. These songs include Teardrops on my Guitar, Our Song, and Should’ve Said No. These tracks plus her new songs make her album Fearless another introductory collection that morphed into an ALL-HIT master recording of Taylor Swift’s expressions of life and love.

Taylor Swift is an all – in – one package. She is gifted with a face that sings a thousand songs, no wonder she is the endorser of choice for several products including the famous Got Milk campaign. She is also a singer and songwriter, being the heart and soul of most of the tracks in her album. Now, she showcases her eye for acting as she takes on a cameo role in the Hannah Montana Movie with Miley Cyrus. Her meek and mild yet incredibly irresistible façade is the perfect irony to the bigness and hard hitting success that Taylor Swift has garnered here and in the globe.

Swift is also becoming the most popular pop icon on the worldwide web. She has garnered over a million friends on Myspace, over 81 million Myspace profile views, over 187 million myspace online streams, and she has been the MOST-SEARCHED ON MYSPACE OVER THE LAST TWO YEARS!

So how does a simple girl from Tennessee reach the tipping point of reaching her big dreams? Taylor Swift’s career initially began by performing on – stage with no trace of stage fright. Thanks to her grandmother, Taylor states, “My grandmother was an opera singer, she’d been famous in Puerto Rico and Singapore and places like that. She used to sing in church every Sunday, and I think seeing her get up there every single week made me realise, subliminally, that performing’s nothing, it’s kinda normal, so that helped me.”

Then came records. “I became obsessed with music when I was about six, bought my first LeAnn Rimes album and I was hooked. I started wanting to do music when I was about ten. I begged my parents to let me try out for children’s theatre, where if you’re tall, you get to play an adult, so I got all these leads and got to memorise two-hour plays, and really got into the performing aspect of things.”

Taylor Swift’s gift for songwriting is also one of her admired competencies that helped her greatly in reaching the top. “My early songs were based solely on what I was going through,” recalls Taylor. “I wrote them so fast, I didn’t think about being inspired by other people or sounds. For me it was just how quickly can I write this down right now.”

“Music has to be in my day. There’s nothing without music. It gives people a way to say how they feel. Sometimes we have no idea what we’re feeling unless somebody says it perfectly for us, and when that moment happens, it becomes your favorite song. That’s a really special thing, and it’s an honor to make music that could possibly be somebody’s favorite song.”

Taylor Swift’s new album, Fearless is available at your favorite Odyssey, Astrovision, Music One and Fully Booked stores that comes with a free Limited edition Taylor Swift poster. Her songs are also available for downloads through your cellphone via WAP and through the internet via

Fearless – the new album of Taylor Swift brought to you exclusively by MCA Music Inc.

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