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Gemini Man

Action, Drama, Sci-fi
PG | 1 hr 56 min
Main Cast
Will Smith
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Male lead 5Action-packed 5 Female lead 3

    Anyare sa "Gemini Man" ni Will Smith at Ang Lee? Hahah! Nothing remarkable other than the Motorbike chase in Colombia and digital de-ageing of Junior, almost all the good stuff was in the trailer. Flawed script, predictable plot and some inconsistent CGI. Yung may pa-kengkoy effect like fast forward ng mga bakbakan scenes na mukhang videogame. Not recommending this. Wakwenta!


    Don't believe the first 2 reviews and so called "Critics Review." This movie has great action scenes and good CGI of young Will Smith. Cast was good in this movie , and the scenes are not dragging. Watch the movie and see for yourself.

    Amazing Visual Effects Superb Cast

    very nice movie. i love it. pak na pak. genern!

    Love the Male lead Fun and Enjoyable Action-packed

    Not an Oscar winner but definitely entertaining. See for yourself.



    Love the Male lead Love the Female lead Action-packed

    Felt some drama scenes were unnecessary. The CGI for the young Will was great except the last scenes. Look rushed. Seemed they have almost included the best scenes in the trailer. Female lead was OK. Predictable story flow and ending.


    Movie sucks, I think what saved it for me is the fact that it was lead by Will Smith. But the movie really is no good.