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The Addams Family

Animation, Comedy, Family | PG | 1 hr 27 min
UIP-Columbia Pictures
  Amazing Visual Effects (1)  Inspiring (1)  Fun and Enjoyable (1)

    Weird. Insane. Maganda hehe

    Weirdly Insane pero good sya kkatuwa

    Fun and Enjoyable Amazing Visual Effects Inspiring

    Amboring, nakatulugan ko! Disappointing for someone who grew up watching the re-runs in the 90's. Can't really remember a scene which made me laugh, parang wala ata talaga eh. With a stellar ensemble, quite not entertaining enough as the good parts were seen already in the trailer. The only thing I liked was Lurch's musical performances. Wait for REM' "Everybody Hurts" scene. The ending was predictable and rushed. Actually mas OK pa yung mga animation sa Nickoledeon eh. For once I can now say I had regretted watching a kid's movie and this was it. Go save your money for something else.


    Worst movie of the year

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