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Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
R-16 | 2 hrs
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Story 3Nail-biting Thriller 3 Cast 2

    Its Illuminati-laden ritual meant to cast spell on the movie audience disguised as a movie which suggests a witchcraft disguised as a dance company.

    The demonic rituals are creepingly accurate depiction of the one down under, especially if u watch the leaked videos in the internet on these bizarre secret rituals.

    Be sure to pray for protection before watching and dont be an unsuspecting victim.



    I don't get the good reviews. I adore Tilda, but this simply wasn't among her best.


    The best horror movie of 2018, it is so disturbing and mindf*cking. Great soundtrack, visual effects, cinematography too. Highly recommended!

    Love the Story Amazing Visual Effects Nail-biting Thriller