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The Nun

Horror, Mystery, Thriller
R-13 | 1 hr 40 min
Warner Bros. Pictures
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    Very much afraid of old convents now ??

    Nail-biting Thriller Screamfest

    Disappointing movie.


    Too much reliance in jump scares. Story is terrible.


    full of jump scares. shallow plot. sometimes creepy but entertaining enough.


    Very scary movie. I scream start of the movie until end. A must watch movie.

    Amazing Visual Effects Nail-biting Thriller Screamfest

    Did not expect this movie to be funny.
    A little predictable. Got confused in one scene, I thought I was watching a zombie film.


    A Jumpscare Joyride.

    For those with weak hearts or has serious health conditions, please refrain from watching this movie.


    Compared to other movies, aka the Insidious Series, this one wasn't great, just extremely heart-pounding, the point where it hurts, jumpscare-filled and also, at some point it was just unrealistic. I know, it isn't meant to be, just for "scares" and the lot. Anyways, here are some of the commentary and observations my brother and I shared.

    /spoiler ahead/

    Him: "It would've been fine if the coffin that the priest/pastor fell in into was kept as it was when he fell. Instead it was under dirt, what did the nun(Valak) do, searched for a shovel and digged through dirt and filled the space up? And that shovel conveniently placed near it. Wow. "

    Him: " One part I liked was when all those nuns weren't there at all. "

    Me: I kinda figured it out since there were only 4 left in the picture frame I saw in the beginning.

    Also, how was she able to put the " blood of Christ" into her mouth when her she was struggling to breathe and her mouth was at somepoint open? Wouldn't it have already spilled out?

    Anyways, I'm don't really mind it though. I enjoyed the movie. But realizing all these, and the fact that it was based on a novel, suddenly made the magic of it disappear.



    Nail-biting Thriller Thought-Provoking Screamfest



    So disappointed...I don't usually feel sleepy when I'm watching horror movies, but with this one, I did fell asleep in some parts of the movie.
    What is happening in The Conjuring world spin-offs?
    The Nun did not offer anything new to the table and the plot is very weak.
    There were a lot of jumpscares here and there, but it gets a little too corny and comical most of the time. The audience anticipates those predictable shockers.
    Just wait for the DVD copy or its downloadable version.

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