User Reviews for Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name

Drama, Romance
R-16 | 2 hrs 22 min
Columbia Pictures
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Story 13 Male lead 7 Soundtrack 6

    The way their story plays out is just magical. Pacing is excellent. The chemistry between the leads is undeniable. Soundtrack is beyond awesome.


    The male leads are sublime. The movie showed a delicate story in a simple but interesting way.

    Love the Male lead

    encouraging predatory perceptions about gay men+ made by straight people


    It was one of those movies that reminds you of your first time falling in love with someone during summertime. Just go watch the movie guys!!! <3 <3 <3

    Love the Male lead Love the Story Kilig Overload

    bitter sweet. erotic

    Love the Story Superb Cast Love the Soundtrack

    One thing that I love about the movie is the musical score. It was just perfect on every scene. The way the story was delivered was beautiful. Timothee Chalamet is one star to watch out for.


    The only thing you will ever need when you watch this movie is a tissue to wipe away your tears during the climax (no pun intended). Also, see this movie as a love story, not as a gay/homosexual love story but as a LOVE STORY because this film is what it is. This wonderful movie will leave you feeling warm, empty, broken-hearted and sad all at the same time. THIS IS DEFINITELY A MUST-SEE.

    Love the Male lead Love the Story Love the Soundtrack