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Bohemian Rhapsody

Biography, Drama, Musical
PG | 2 hrs 18 min
20th Century Fox
Main Cast
Rami Malek
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    I never thought I’d love rock until I wacthed this movie!

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    I find this one highly overrated, I'm a huge a fan of Rami Malek though since Mr. Robot.


    I would have wanted a movie that matched the greatness of Queen and Freddie Mercury, but I guess that’s asking for too much when you know that the remaining members are producers. This is like an afternoon movie. Entertaining enough but not unforgettable. The best part is the Live Aid performance. It was like that kind of dessert you want after a so so meal.


    Love the movie, the cast & everything! Became a Queen fan because of it

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    This critic they have in clickthecity needs to be fired asap. He is reviewing the movies for himself. Like I read the review he/she/it had for this movie and it was just dumb. Like he gave the movie a 2.5 rating just because the movie was not a documentary. He was nitpicking at very unimportant detail that avid Queen fans would probably just dismiss and non-fans wouldnt care about. Focus on what the movie was itself.
    A better critic said:
    Some of the liberties do Mercury and Queen an injustice, but most are harmless (if dim). A hundred small things wrong barely matter when there are one or two big things right.

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    Beautiful movie. Rami Malek was incredible as Freddie Mercury!!! He had every movement of Freddie!

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    Expect aftershocks !
    We've watch it last Nov.1, and it's 14 days ago now, Can't still get over it

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    you’ll be very entertained. Kudos to Queen!

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    Rami Malek's performance was magnetic. He brought Freddie Mercury tolife! Any true Queen fan will LOVE this movie... It's a fascinating look at the band through some truly memorable times. The music, of course, is FANTASTIC! Go see it now! :)

    Love the Soundtrack

    Watched this twice and i still can’t get enough of its over-all impact to me. The message of the movie is clear in this generation. Until now i keep watching the videos and docus of queen! Amazing, really!!!

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