User Reviews for The Prenup

The Prenup

Comedy, Romance
PG | 1 hr 58 min
Regal Films

    crazy family.... 2 gay parents over protective of their daughter, reminds me of their movie the birdcage but then the gay parents are not an issue but their economic standing...


    The character of Melai and Gardo shoukd have been played by anypne but them. Melai is an unnecessary character and Gardo is your stereotype of the gay who lived in the 80s. His acting is an insult to the gay parents. Melai and Gardo's voices are too shrieking that it's in bad taste to watch it in Dolby.

    The movie just takes too long and it seems that in the middle of the movie, you'll ask why it was ever entitled as Prenup.

    Such a waste of time except for some rare moments of Sam and Jennylyn.

    Don't waste a dime.