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Comedy, Fantasy, Musical
PG | 2 hrs 04 min
UIP-Columbia Pictures
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    "Yesterday" is a charming British rom-com with a very interesting premise. That Wembley finale with the adorable Lily James on the LED screen is really something to enthuse over as Richard Curtis surely knows how magpa-kilig. Hahah! Ed Sheeran plays himself and surprisingly funny, not just a cameo. This one's a feel-good movie that won't disappoint and will make you sing the classic Beatles' songs until you hit the credits roll.


    Fun and Enjoyable Heartwarming Love the Soundtrack

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    Love the Soundtrack

    I will definitely watch a movie if "any" one of the following is in it: British rom-com, starring Lily James, direction of Danny Boyle, cameo of James Corden, or anything Ed Sheeran, much more a story about THE greatest fab four in the history of music, The Beatles!!!
    Imagine how the world is without them

    Fun and Enjoyable Lovestruck Superb Cast

    Amazing movie, must watch!

    Love the Story Fun and Enjoyable Love the Soundtrack