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A Star Is Born

Drama, Musical, Romance
R-13 | 2 hrs 21 min
Warner Bros. Pictures
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    1million thumbs up!! nice one lady Gaga! until your next movie

    Love the Female lead Heartwarming

    *Disclaimer: I am not a professional movie critic, I'm just a regular viewer or an audience per se*

    First of all: I recommend to watch this movie without watching the trailer or at least not to read the reviews for you to appreciate the movie (at least that's my own opinion and what I've felt, when I watch this movie). If you're not into a "Drama" genre, you probably wouldn't appreciate the movie. Even I will not even recommend this, if I'm not that into/interested with it. But it did changed my perspective, because not all "drama's" involves with crying, etc. Rather, It involves with how well the story was created/written and how those characters would interact towards each other and how they will be carried along with the story (It's like you're watching a movie/reading the story all at the same time. If you know what I mean). But if you are curious about the movie, there's no harm also to try to watch the film. ^_^

    Personal Remark: Once again Bradley Cooper has proven to us, how an adroit person he is. Yup, I used "person" because not only he did the acting stuff in the movie, but he's the director of the movie as well. Not only that, you will also notice how he took care of Lady Gaga, which also showcase's her performance as an actress, as the story progresses (Sure, there's a glitch of her acting here and then, but you must still give her the credit that she did a superb job on delivering her character in the entirety of the film.) As for the story, I love it, I really felt how Bradley Cooper dug deep with it and not just making this movie for the sake of making it. The slow phased of it, makes you immersed with the vibe of the story or he made sure that, it makes the audience feel connected with the characters involved (At least that's how I've perceived it). In addition, I love how Lady Gaga and Bradley brainstormed on how they will present the real side of a musician's life story. You can tell that some part of it was from Lady Gaga's life story as well (or at least that's what I've felt). The soundtrack of the movie makes your heart melt (plus, other factors as well ^_^). Once again, Lady Gaga evinced us how multifaceted artist she is.

    Overall: I will give this hard rocking movie a fun 4.7/5 stars. I hope you enjoy the movie.

    Love the Story Heartwarming Love the Soundtrack

    Its refreshing to see an actor who can sing and a singer who can act

    Love the Male lead Love the Female lead Love the Story

    Whoa, movie turned out to be pretty heavy towards the end which I didn't expect. A great one! I haven't gotten this much moved in a while after watching a movie. This movie is thought and emotion-provoking.

    Love the Story Inspiring Heartwarming

    Great movie! Love exist.

    Love the Male lead Love the Female lead Love the Story

    Easily one of my favorite film of 2018.

    A Star is Born again? The remark that majority might say. In this era full of endless remake and reboot. Such distaste is understandable. But in all assurance I'll say to you that A Star is Born 2018 is a great retelling for modern audience.

    It tells the story of Jackson Maine (Cooper) , an established musician discovering and falling in love to an aspiring singer-songwriter Ally (Gaga).

    The only version I saw is 1937 one, comparably the focus of the film is about acting career. Failing actor Norman Maine and aspiring actress Vicki Lester. This time it is about music.

    Bradley Cooper on his directorial debut proves that he can handle and deliver the retelling of this movie. I can compare him exactly to Clint Eastwood in a way that he is an actor turned director and respectable director himself for drama. A Star is Born can be attributed to Lady Gaga, the day Bradley chose her to be his co-lead.

    The film excels so much in acting category. Cooper delivers a country accent and relaxed version himself. And yes he can sing! On the other hand, Lady Gaga put everything that the roles requires of her proving that she can act too. Vocally, she is a a great singer that can hit really high notes.

    The only problem of the story which can be traced back from the very first adaptation is a solid first act, boring second act which might will make you feel it is lengthy and redeeming and emotional third act.

    It also features solid soundtrack line up but I love Shallow and Maybe It's Time so much. All in all, it is the remake you need to see.

    Love the Male lead Love the Female lead Inspiring

    This movie makes my heart so warm and sad. This is how good Bradley and Gaga’s acting. They gave us raw emotions and also live performances that is rarely used in a regular movie show. Bradley gave an exemplary singing performance and Gaga for her acting and obviously her singing that stood up for the entire show.

    Love the Male lead Love the Female lead Love the Story

    Genuine acting. Grab at your hearstrings

    Love the Story

    The movie is so intimate. The close up shots made their chemistry so much palpable. Brad did a great job directing the movie and Lady Gaga disappeared in Ally’s character. The story will hit you hard at the end.

    Love the Female lead Love the Story Lovestruck

    The casting was the real win of this movie: there was not one bad performer. Both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper acted like they were not acting, and this was due a lot to their chemistry and maybe friendship--they look like they were a real couple and you almost felt like you were eavesdropping on them. In a way, and maybe unwittingly, Bradley Cooper gave himself the best chance to win an Oscar acting award because this is his best acting job, so far. One of the best of the supporting cast, for me, was the hateful manager of Ally: that scene with Jack which triggered his final act was so painful I wanted to scream--it brought Jack's most haunting image in the movie. Even the dog was brilliantly cast, of course that was Bradley's very own Charlie, and he played himself so there was no faking affection for them. The cinematography was another positive--it evoked the mood and emotion needed in each scene. And what about the soundtrack? Wow, if this movie will win only one Oscar, it will be in this category. Both Gaga and Cooper are fantastic musicians and vocalists--Bradley, you were a real surprize! If there was any flaw in the movie, it was the fact that some scenes were too long unnecessarily and could have been edited without losing value or screen exposure for the fantastic cast. But this flaw is the only proof that this was by a first time director. The story is not new, so there's no originality to speak of, although it was adapted to our present millieu--social media, large concert arenas, etc. And maybe, that line by Bobby at the end about a story being retold over and over was the director's way of apology for this retelling. One of the best movies of the year. To the Oscars!
    So here's my rating: (5 being the best)
    Direction: 5
    Cast/Acting: 5
    Editing: 4
    Sound: 5
    Cinematography: 5
    Music/Songs: 5
    Story: 4
    Lady Gaga for vocal prowess: 5
    Bradley Cooper for beauty: 5.5
    Charlie for cuteness: 10

    Superb Cast
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