Nilalang - User Reviews


Horror, Suspense, Thriller | R-16 | 1 hr 30 min
Viva Pictures

    Overall this film is worth watching. It offers a different kind of action-suspense-thriller which we are not used to seeing from local movies. The attempt is good enough as it contains several memorable sequences usually found in foreign films. Superb technical aspects. Basic story is good but lost in execution; could have been better if the movie is a bit longer (you'll get this feeling that the movie is made in a rush). They should have casted a local actress to replace MOzawa; no added value that she's there in the movie. Hope that moviegoers can still catch this film.


    Special effects.
    Fight choreography. Kaya lang bitin yung iba.

    Hindi masyadong benta sa akin eh. Parang kulang kulang. Parang minadali.

    Pero, pwede na. Pwede na.



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