User Reviews for Blood Father

Blood Father

Action, Crime, Thriller
R-13 | 1 hr 25 min
OctoArts Films International

    I have to admit I've been a long time fan of Mel Gibson ever since his debut in the Mad Max series and I've been following his movies (as well as his career) ever since... after a 10-year 'hiatus' following his much publicized bout with alcoholism, it's really good to see him make a come back on the big screen and, based on recent reviews of his latest directorial offering "Hacksaw Ridge", appears to also be poised for yet another Oscar-worthy acclaim... watching this simple yet moving story of a 'deeply flawed' man trying to atone for his past sins and making amends by trying to save what's left of his daughter (and their relationship together) reminds me yet again of what made me admire Mel so much and just how committed and talented an actor he is where he can simply draw the audience into the moment and convey his thoughts and feelings just by what is being 'said' through his eyes... critics can say whatever they want of this film: 'simplistic', 'indie' or 'low budget' but you can not deny the level of truth and authenticity Mel brings out in the role, the character and the overall story which itself makes it ultimately worth it and simply a thrill to watch!