User Reviews for On The Job {OTJ}

On The Job {OTJ}

Action, Crime, Thriller
R-16 | 2 hrs
Star Cinema
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    I think I watched this in the theater when it was shown. Can't remember anymore. All I can say is this is the best Filipino movie I've ever seen in my entire life. Promise. World-class level talaga. The story is great! It's not just a simple story, it has depth. The acting is superb! You won't even think of them as the actors playing the characters, they are actually the characters themselves.

    The action scenes, the execution and the visuals are all exceptional too. Lahat talaga kahit may minor flaws it won't matter at all. Hands down my #1 Filipino movie favorite.

    If you like action movies and appreciate our culture even with all our flaws, you'll love this film too. ❤

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