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Once Upon a Hollywood

Crime, Drama, Thriller
R-16 | 2 hrs 41 min
Columbia Pictures
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    Heard this received a 7-minute standing ovation sa Cannes (but lost to Korean flick "Parasite") so medyo mataas talaga expectation ko knowing it's a Quentin Tarantino film.
    Grabeee ang boriiiing! It's a slowburn dramedy. Too many long pointless sequences. Yes, it still has his signature scenes-- those in-your-face tutukan standoffs, barefoot shots but it was the last 10 minutes which has the classic QT touch, brutally fun bordering to humurous! Nice cinematography and awesome acting (sad to see Luke Perry's last movie) but not enough to save the movie. I really wanted to love it as film geeks may like it, it may not be his best, pero naburyong talaga ako. Mag tatlong oras ba naman. Not for everyone. Take note, no sex and nudity. Hahah!


    Perfect for Tarantino fans! Great acting; super dialogue; a funny and inspired take on 69s hollywood; with a perfect surprise ending! Horrific yet with a twist that comes suddenly like a sledge hammer!

    Fun and Enjoyable Superb Cast Love the Soundtrack

    Said to be Quentin's "Love Letter" to Hollywood... His dream or fantasy of what Hollywood was until it was ruined by the Manson Family. In this movie he wanted to portray the mood of the Era, of its transitioning to an end of an Era to a new one through the characters... In the ending of the sixties, we're introduced to a pair of old friends reaching the twilight of their careers and maybe even friendship. Sharon represented the coming hope of the next decade, she was full of life and energy... her career has started to pick up steam and is on its way to super-stardom. Quentin, showed us what should have been, instead of the grim reality of what truly happened. An end for the two friends in both career and friendship, instead became a promise of a future for the both of them... by just sidetracking reality.


    thanks to last 10 minutes of the movie.


    Quentin Tarantino’s least violent venture serves as a passionate love letter to the the unsuspecting, carefree energy of the swinging sixties’ cinema and Hollywood culture, that ironically ends on a somber note as it contemplates on the innocence of that era being snuffed out as America transitions to a period of cultural cynicism.

    Once Upon A Time in...Hollywood contrasts this reality with a more fairytale-like narrative, that’s still infused with Tarantino’s well-known trademarks, signifying the role of cinema as the most influential form of escapism and making this the director’s most personal tribute to film yet.

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    Waste of time. Very disappointing.


    Mr. Quentin Tarantino borrowed Mr. Well's Time Machine and created a new world of movie making in the 60's with the pivotal thought of what if the scenario was different by the addition of essential fictional characters. Would it enthrall the end and change history in the process?