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Action, Adventure, Crime
R-16 | 2 hrs 01 min
Warner Bros. Pictures
Main Cast
Joaquin Phoenix
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    Top notch acting from Joaquin Phoenix. A Joker portrayal like never before.

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    Psycho and eccentrically evil

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    Great in 3D

    It was a movie that everyone should watch and ponder! What a movie! It was soooo great! My ghaaadd! The message! The society should really ponder more on the issues raised in this movie!

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    best movie of the year


    Dark as it may seem, it is still a fantastic movie. The point of the story is to show a realistic, sad and depressing world we live in and how it affects people.

    What makes joker so good is its effectivity as we feel dirty for rooting for a guy who just did “bad” things.

    If you’re not into the gritty reality and you would like to watch a movie for the non stop action sequences then this movie might not be for you.

    If you love character development for a fantastic “conclusion” then i recommend this to you.

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    "Joker" went beyond my expectations and really deserves a standing slow clap. Yung tapos na yung movie but I can't stop thinking about it. Apart from the impressive technical aspects, it's really the legendary performance of Joaquin Phoenix that made this an outstanding movie experience worthy to be watched. Just pure genius! Don't watch this because of the hype or wanted to be entertained, this is far from a "popcorn flick". It's a brilliant "art film"! I actually wanted to end this with a joke. But nah you won't get it. Hahah!

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    The whole movie and Joaquin Phoenix are perfection! This is definitely at par with the quality of Nolan's Dark Knight series. Everything about the movie falls into place -- from Joaquin Phoenix's awesome performance to the overall story and "feel" of the entire film. Technical aspects of the film are spot on (production/sets, musical score, visuals, shots, sounds/soundtrack). DC's feat in creating its universe via films, especially with this latest installment, is hard to top; definitely a tough act to follow. Film deserves to be at least nominated for Oscars; Joker Phoenix for the win. :)

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    Don’t watch this if you want to be entertained. It’s not a superhero movie. It’s the darkest treatment of this character and it’s a comedy. Life is a comedy. You want me to tell you what’s funny?

    Nah, you won’t get it.

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