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Ghost in the Shell

Action, Crime, Drama, Sci-fi
PG | 1 hr 58 min
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    It was pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised at all the thought provoking futuristic elements, like you being a machine that plugs right into data, walking in it, and phasing out, becoming a software program. It was serious, but pretty good. Scarlet is excellent as usual


    Scarlet is definitely a bonafide action star! Reminded me of her movie Lucy. Great visual effects and watching it in a Dolby Atmos gives an extra kick.


    What an amazingly awesome and exciting idea of futurism this story has. It's one that draws you in, and makes you wanna explore how else the world is like in this version of the future.

    Ultimately I feel like the movie suffered from the shortcomings the anime had, and that is the utter lack of humor. Not even humor, there were just no breaks for much needed levity at all. It was way too serious and that made it kinda boring to the point where I almost fell asleep.

    The vision for this version of the future world that they came up with is definitely something that makes you wanna watch the anime just so you can see how else this world is like, but the idea that it's just going to be this boring definitey gives one pause. It's a bit of a shame, really, because the development of the main character is nice. It