User Reviews for Gandarrapiddo: The Revengers Squad

Gandarrapiddo: The Revengers Squad

Action, Adventure, Comedy
G | 1 hr 50 min
Star Cinema
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Hilarious 6 Cast 4 Male lead 2

    laughtrip lang

    Hilariously Funny

    Mababaw ang story pero hindi mo maiiwasang matawa sa ibang jokes


    At least families got a good laugh this Christmas and makes spending less guilty. Effects are neat and Vice manages to manage the film’s heart and energy.

    Though some jokes are rehashed, its forgivable given the flair in delivery.

    Daniel is always a natural, effortless and just cool as always.
    The Gang is wacky.
    Pia is stunning as expected and she acts very well too.

    the Message is a mixed pro Duterte and anti Fake News sentiments, which awkwardly could be refering to either Trolls or ABSCBN.

    overall though for me, its just plain straightforward fun.

    the best part for ma are the bloopers.


    It was an Ok Movie. There's nothing new, the Same formula of comedy but this time they put Vice Ganda film's way better from the previous MMFF entry because of the special effect's (not bad for Filipino films)
    Nothing special but if you just want to chill and laugh I think this is one of the best options.


    Low quality. Trash



    I mean, this movie wasn't really meant for the people who pay good money for good movies. These kinds of movies stereotyped Philippine comedy movies into being a film with horrible acting, a nonsensical plot, and being too much of a mess that it's actually laughable. This is just sad.


    Sobrang saya! Ganda ng effects hindi puchu puchu...saka yung mga deleted scenes bentang benta sa amin....Basta ang ganda kaya naman pala rated B ng cinema board.

    Love the Visual Effects Hilariously Funny Superb Cast

    Same concept my mga magic lang it is funny pero parang ganun lang din.


    Sorry to say but this movie is just horrible. The only thing I like here is Pia and the Child Actor. The funniest thing in this movie is the bloopers.

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