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Feng Shui 2

PG | 1 hr 40 min
Star Cinema & Kris Aquino Productions
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    Remember that the fun for this movie is the jump scares AND figuring out what is the connection of the deaths with the chinese feng sui animal

    No need to shove the explanation in the viewers face...oooohhh,look here,look here,dog tag...doooggg ttttaaaggg.get it doooggg,dog...

    In the first movie,someone was being hit with an ironing board.and people was like "bakit?"

    "Kasi ang tagalog nun ay kabayo"
    Subtle,and it leaves a mark after watching the movie

    Ending is debatable.i like that.but the stinger,borderline unecessary...


    I consider feng shui 1 as my top horror film that is pinoy made. Thats why i cant help but compare feng shui 2 from its original.


    The premise of the movie was promising. Showing that after Joy got rid of the bagwa, the horror of Lotus Feet continues supporting the plot of the movie as later on revealed. How Lester's character was introduced was also genius and how it transitioned as the other characters were introduced.

    Death Scenes
    Lotlot de Leon really raised the bar with her death scene on FS1 and i felt that FS2 came short on thia aspect. There was no memorable, heart pouncing and witty delivery that can be compared with how red horse can kill.


    Maybe its just the airconditioning of the cinema but this movie with a good story, good soundtrack, sharp editing and smooth directing left us quietly shaking on our seats :-) better than part 1


    The fact that I almost waited for many years for this sequel is one of the reason why I am so excited for this movie. I must admit that Feng Shui 1 is one of the best Philippine Horror Movie that I've ever seen. Talking about this sequel, I can say that it somehow meet my expectations. The story plot and the twist of the story is AWESOME and will make your jaw drop!!! The goosebumps effect is within the movie and I like the fact that there is a funny scences in the middle of the climax!!! Amazing and Job well done. I don't want to be a spoiler but the only thing that is running on my mind now is how long am I going to wait for the third sequel?