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Insidious: Chapter 3

Horror | PG | 1 hr 50 min
Columbia Pictures

    This movie turns out to be more of a superhero film with Shaye as the Hero. Im becoming her fan which is odd for horror flicks. Resorting to gulat style medyo nakakainis kasi the real scare is the idea like Omen Exorcist etc. but...entertaining pa rin naman just the same -)


    Nothing new about the underlying story (simpe but quite endearing; note: the film is PG-rated so no gory or violent stuff), but the "scare tricks" the film employed are a totally different story. Watch it if you really want to shout several times!


    It was more of elise's story. It was scary but the story was not too scary.


    A day after watching it, I don't remember anything from this movie anymore.

    However, I do remember hearing loud screams in the cinema while I was watching the film.

    Hence, it's a good scare, but there's nothing that significant about it, if you're a hardcore horror films fan who've probably watched hundreds of 'em already.

    Still, it's a nice.. I deem it worthy of time and money spent for an actual cinema experience. Thumbs up!


    Although the first installment might be stylistically and narratively superior than any of the se/prequel, this one relied more on the tension buildup that most horror movies innovate upon. The room scenes were simple yet leaves paranoia even in the comfort of your own seat, and I also noticed date couples having the guys scream louder.


    A must watch horror movie!

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