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Drama, Mystery, Thriller
PG | 1 hr 50 min
Columbia Pictures
Main Cast
John Cho
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    Nice one! A great movie to watch, you wouldn’t expect how the story would have gotten twisted!

    Love the Story

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    #joshkoday SUPER RECOMMENDED

    Wag kayong kukurap, every detail is important. Mahusay ang pagkakagawa and also the presentation. Bago yung atake para sa akin. Simple yung story. Nawala yung daughter niya. Pero all throughout the movie, laptop screen and cellphone screen lang ang pinapakita. Amazing! Haha

    Love the Story

    Looks like an asian version of Taken (Liam Neeson) but it is more powerful! Hindi ko lubos maiisip na limang tao (kasama ako) lang! Ang nasa loob ng sinehan para panoorin ang magandang movie na ito. Hopefully mapanood pa'to ng iba,esp. Teens.

    Love the Story

    Underrated movie. It was worth watching!! ?????? Really good! ???? Can't believe we were only atleast 10 in the cinema watching, sayang yung movie. Don't waste your time watching "The Nun". Watch this instead hahaha

    Love the Story Amazing Visual Effects Heartwarming

    Superb and awesome movie

    Nail-biting Thriller

    Amazing story, i guess there are about 3 plots in the story. At the end of the movie and as you go out you will feel that your money is well spent.

    Love the Story Thought-Provoking Superb Cast