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Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Animation, Family, Fantasy
PG | 1 hr 49 min
Warner Bros. Pictures
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    First of all Great Job Pokemon/Nintendo! Not bad for a first Live Action Pokemon Movie.

    Its been tried again and again and most of the attempts fail. Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, Resident Evil, Assassin's Creed. Mahirap gumawa ng movies based on games.

    BAKIT? because movies only give you 2 hours to introduce a character and tell the whole story. Games give you an infinite number of hours! Most games in fact run for at least 10-20 hours before you can finish it. So imagine translating those 20 hours into a 2 hour movie? SAKIT SA BANGS diba?

    And Pokemon did a good job of choosing which story to tell in their first Live Action movie. Detective Pikachu. Nope hindi original Pokemon Story na mag ttrain ka ng pokemon at makikipag laban ka, the same old story that we saw both in the game and in the animated series.

    So Prangkahan na tayo!
    Maganda itong Detective Pikachu, medyo kinulang sa acting yun Partner ni Ryan Reynolds pero bagay na bagay kay Ryan yun boses ni Pikachu. Hindi lang ito masyado ma-eenjoy ng mga Pokemon Virgins (first time makakita ng Pokemon) kasi hindi sila makaka relate sa mga powers at abilities ng monsters.

    Siyempre manonood ka ng movie na ito kung familiar ka sa Pokemon. At kung papasok ka dito sa movie na walang alam tungkol sa mga pokemon, mawiwindang ka talaga.

    Hindi natin sila masisisi, gaya ng sabi ko 2 hours lang ang movies, hindi nila pwede i-explain ano ang nagagawa ng bawat pokemon dito sa movie. ALAM NYO BA GAANO KADAMI ANG MGA POKEMON? Pero ayun na nga aside from that, maganda ang Detective Pikachu and if you're a pokemon fan, you will enjoy this movie just from seeing the different real-life version of pokemons alone!

    An honest to goodness gracious review by: #LINTECHph

    Fun and Enjoyable Amazing Visual Effects

    I appreaciate the visual effects of this movie. This is a great movie for pokemon lovers. :-)

    Fun and Enjoyable Amazing Visual Effects Hilarious

    Boring in some parts..just don’t expect too much.


    movie for the pokemon fan!

    Love the Male lead Love the Story Magical

    Ryan is definitely a good actor but everyone else is so meh. The movie has a great potential but I feel like there is something missing... This movie is definitely for kids.


    maybe i got used to ryan reynold's snarky quips in deadpool and that's why i think much of his lines here as pikachu fall off the wayside and feel bland. pikachu is cute, i'll give them that but there's nothing in here you haven't seen before. it feels half baked, the plot and even the villain twist you could see that was coming miles away. i'll probably see endgame for a third time before i see this one again. strictly for the kids.


    Solid movie, fun and enjoyable most of the times, worth the money. Highly recommended! Will watch it again.

    Love the Story Fun and Enjoyable Amazing Visual Effects