User Reviews for Meet Me In St. Gallen

Meet Me In St. Gallen

Comedy, Drama, Romance
PG | 1 hr 34 min
Spring Films / Viva Films
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Story 12 Male lead 4 Female lead 3

    I was WRONG to expect to see more of St Gallen when the snowy village was shown ONLY after watching an hour and fifteen minutes into this movie. Since it was filmed partly overseas also, I couldn't help but compare it with Spring Films' first movie co-produced with Viva (Kita Kita) which is a terrific benchmark difficult to replicate in terms of story line, craftsmanship, and artistic value. Saying Meet Mein St Gallen being a DISAPPOINTMENT is a huge UNDERSTATEMENT. Hence, it's no surprise it underperformed in the box office. And I consider my giving it TWO stars ONLY out of five RATING here as still being generous.


    It is obviously a split screen of two actors representing different sets of realities. Carlo Aquino was astounding in portraying a rather "robust" male role while Bella Padilla has always been as exciting as she was portraying her roles in her previous independent flicks. PG rating is fitting as the content might not be appreciated really well by most audiences.

    Amazing Visual Effects Love the Soundtrack

    A story that made my heart feel all the hurt and loneliness over again..

    Love the Story Thought-Provoking Love the Soundtrack

    Is this trying to be before sunrise for the 'meet-cute'? Total palengkera girl meets robotic boy, the dialogues, ugh!


    4.5 seriously? I beg to disagree. Is this just a trend? Talkies. St. Gallen is magical, but not the plot. Sorry


    1) Carlo Aquino is good. Fresh take as lead
    2) Not the usual ending which is good

    Love the Male lead Love the Story Love the Soundtrack

    full of sensible conversation. mature plot. simple but on point.