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Quezon's Game

Biography, Drama
PG | 2 hrs 05 min
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    How to watch this? I can't see video of this movie plss...need help


    Ang ganda ng story and best in cinematography. Ang sarap panoorin ng paulit uilit, di nakakasawa!!!

    Love the Story Amazing Visual Effects Heartwarming

    Good points :
    1. Raymond Bagatsing is a good actor.
    He characterize President Quezon
    quite good. Rachel Alejandro's acting
    skills is good. The casting actors are

    2. The background of the Manila during
    The American period are good. The
    Philippines seems to be a very
    beautiful and peaceful place.

    3. The story is good, you can see
    President Quezon good intention to
    save the Jews from the Nazis
    brutality and assassition in expense
    of giving his land to German Officers
    In exchange of their visas.

    4. This movie makes me feel proud of
    Our president Quezon and hoping that
    Future Philippine Presidents will be
    Like this.

    5. I hope this movie will be an Official.
    Entry in Oscar Awards in Foreign

    Bad Points :

    1. Why the Malacanang Palace looks like
    a night club, where all the gambling
    and dancing are being done here?

    2. First Lady Quezon clothes looks like
    In our modern day dress. I am
    expecting that her clothes are in the
    early 1920-1930.

    Love the Male lead Love the Story Inspiring

    Captures the true Filipino spirit.

    Love the Story Inspiring Heartwarming

    Bilang Filipino you need watch this.Dagdag kalamaan sa Philippine history

    2nd WALA PARIN CRITIC REVIEW FOR THIS come on ClicktheCity

    Love the Story Inspiring Thought-Provoking

    One of the best Filipino made movie. I really enjoy the story a lot. I recommend this to all Filipinos out there to have more knowledge about our history. I loved the cast, acting, production design, and narrative. Honestly I like this one better than Heneral Luna and Goyo (storywise).

    Love the Story Inspiring Thought-Provoking

    Highly recommended to ALL Filipinos young and old. We need to remember.

    Love the Story Inspiring Thought-Provoking