User Reviews for Belle Douleur (Beautiful Pain)

Belle Douleur (Beautiful Pain)

R-16 | 1 hr 37 min
Cinemalaya Foundation / Quantum Films
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Story 4 Male lead 3 Female lead 1

    This is a nice movie for me. I love how laid back the scene and the character and the story itself. No need for heavy twist of plot as the properly delivered the message. How i love to be at my 40s and experience the carefree life and get laid like Mylene! This deserved a star and Kit is surely next leading man to lookout to. Their chemistry is real good!

    Love the Female lead Love the Story Heartwarming

    Piece of beautiful shit. Nice visuals. Not much happening. The problems that pile up in the last twenty or so minutes try to make up for the lack of story.


    As good as Mylene Dizon's acting was (and has generally always been), it couldn't save this movie from Kit Thompson's disastrous acting and catastrophic American accent.