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Hello, Love, Goodbye

Drama, Romance
PG | 1 hr 57 min
Star Cinema
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    Inspiring sya pero madami paring plot holes eh.


    Overhyped naman , andaming cast na bigatin story ok nadin


    I never thought that this movie will took my heart. The story is very realistic, I love their acting. You could really see the sacrifices of an OFW working abroad for their family. And that working abroad is very hard because you are far from your hometown. I love Kathryn and Alden, their chemistry on screen is very undeniable. I am really hoping for a part 2. I can watch it everyday!!!

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    When the romance film has become a recurring staple in Filipino cinema, audiences come to realize that when one is done right, it’s done right. And Cathy Grace-Molina’s Hello, Love, Goodbye is undoubtedly done right.

    With a strong sense of narrative integrity, an authentic portrayal of the plight of the OFWs, and endearingly well-acted performances from its leads (and with bountiful chemistry to spare), that balances everything out without the risk of being too sappy or cheesy, Grace-Molina’s ‘Goodbye’ is a return to form in what is definitively the veteran director’s specialty in the Filipino romance subgenre.

    Love the Female lead Love the Story Inspiring

    It is really not only a love story but a story with a heart. In my honest opinion, this has to be the best film of both Alden and Kathryn by far. A masterpiece by Direk Cathy.

    Love the Story

    good movie. it was worth watching.

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    Another masterpiece from Direct Carthy. The first time I saw this director work was during a workshop segment in PBB. She was teaching aspiring housemates how to act and wow she really knows how to direct and pull out those deep emotions that will affect the audience.

    Big difference compared to Alden's acting in his previous film. As for Kathryn still the same great performance.

    No need to go deep into this review a lot of good things have already been said. Just go watch it! #MagandangMovie #LintechPH #


    Love the Female lead Love the Story

    Another OFW film


    There's no doubt na magaling sila parehas na actor. And they do have good chemistry. Tinginan pa lang nakakakilig na


    100% Kilig, funny and nakakaiyak.. will watch it over and over and never get tired of it.. Sulit ang bayad ??

    Love the Male lead Hilarious Heartwarming
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