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Between Maybes

Drama, Romance | PG | 1 hr 47 min
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  •   Tue, 28 May 2019 2:28 PM

    I didnt expect that its really that good. But im wrong. This is like comparable to korean/japanese romantic comedy movie. I love the story, I think its different, and its not the typical love story. Cinematography is the best. I fall in love with the place.

    Love the Story Fun and Enjoyable
  •   Thu, 23 May 2019 8:39 AM

    Much hyped film from Black Sheep affiliate of Star Cinema which fails to deliver. Boring from beginning to end. I am a fan of Jason Paul Lacsamana films but this one sucks.

  •   Mon, 20 May 2019 6:42 PM

    Love the Male lead Love the Female lead Heartwarming
  •   Mon, 20 May 2019 10:28 AM

    Simple yet heartbreaking! Must watch.

    Love the Male lead Love the Female lead Love the Story
  •   Sat, 18 May 2019 12:08 AM

    Between Maybes (2019):
    Well, to start of, the Julia-Gerald tandem is so unexpected and it’s story is unlike the rehashed cliche’ Star Cinema-ish films feels. It is more than just a love story but it implores a life story and a reality that could happen to each and everyone of us. If you would choose which is highly valuable, love or career? Then what would it be? Well, this film could be the answer to that query of yours and this might solve how you deal and go through life. Learn from Hazel and Louie’s experiences in the film. Julia Barretto for me is an underrated actress before till she proved that she is a gem in the industry. Imagine portraying a role within a role. She never been a Hazel to me. A has-been, loud-mouth actress but this film showed a mini twist that isn’t usually seen in other romcom films wherein in reality, Julia used the criticisms thrown to her to characterize Hazel. It wouldn’t leave you hanging in details but it might have been better if the first act was trimmed a little because it’s a little lame at some point but when the climax arose up until the rolling of the credits, be ready because it is emotionally deep and it really showcased both Julia and Gerald’s acting prowess. Wait for that “Dayang Dayang” scene tho... It is a 4/5 since it isn’t perfect. There were some loopholes in terms of its storytelling and first act and the ending for me although is nice and justifiable is already used in contemporary love story movie set-up. Also, it is forgettable in a sense and isn’t really a classic and that they had invested on the characters shouting and howling dialogues which for me did not helped at all. It would have been better if they had invested on a good storyline or a much deeper plot twist that would be worth talking about upon the credits were rolled, I taught of a much better ending for this film but then it is a breath of fresh air.

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  •   Fri, 17 May 2019 10:34 PM

    The movie was greatly done. Actors were able to deliver. Perfect roles for Gerald and Julia. Cinematography and soundtrack are commendable too. One of the best Pinoy films of 2019 so far.

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